YouTube With New Features For The Content Creators? Will We Have Ai On Youtube

YouTube With New Features For The Content Creators? Will We Have Ai On Youtube?

YouTube in the last few days has shown quite a lot of improvements. The Google owned platform seems to be now offering new AI tools in its creator section. YouTube is one of the strong contestants competing against platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc. So now they are trying to improve their game to provide everything that others are providing as well. This article will talk about the new tools which are provided by YouTube.

YouTube With New Features For The Content Creators? Will We Have Ai On Youtube

What is the AIM of the update?

The main purpose of this is to make it easier for the users to create something which is creative and according to their wishes. The main focus is to provide everything the creators need to make something which is very innovative. The AI tools are going to be available which will help the creators in their process of working with YouTube.

According to the CEO of YouTube, Nean Mohan, the features will be available for everyone and it will not be restricted to a few people. The whole idea is to give powerful tools to the creators. According to him, which he revealed in an event in New York on Thursday, the AI tools are the power whic h will help the users. He believed in the advance power of AI in creating great content.

What is this new update on YouTube is all about?

YouTube introduced and is still on an experimental AI tool known as ‘Dream Screen’. This tool is basically introduced solely for the users who need to do some editing before uploading the videos. The tool is structured in such a way that it will help the users to edit their shots specifically. YouTube seems to be taking all things to a very high tech level with extreme facilities for the creators.

Often, we see that creators need to edit their video separate to change the background of a photo or video. They often struggle to edit the background, which now will be easier with the help of the AI tools now. The creators just need to prompt the AI tool to create whatever they wish to make it. This might become one of the convenient and important tools on YouTube. The whole working process of the features was explained by the YouTube executive.

How did we come to know about all this?

During the event we saw some example works done by the AI which was operated by Matthew, YouTube executive. He shows us how excellently Google has created such an interesting AI tool for the creators. During the event he created a few example works. First, he created a video of a dragon flying over New York city. He also created a video of a dog driving a car.

What will this AI tool help the creators?

The AI tool will basically help the content creators who are targeting shorts as their content. The short form of videos, which was introduced during the year 2020, has become one of the important sections for all these platforms. The number of YouTube consumers are in the billions and the creators are  as well, in huge number. Thus, YouTube is taking this initiative to make it easier and more convenient for the creators.

This new AI will not just help in editing of the video, but it will also help in creating new ideas. The tool also covers the studio section which will help the creators with new ideas, along with an outline of the videos which will increase the potential of the videos. Another feature of this AI tool will help creators to dub their contents. This new tool will help the content creators to dub their content into different languages. Along with all these options, we have a new app launched by YouTube which is YouTube creator. This new app will make it more efficient for users to create short videos.

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