Is Swiggy Really Charging More Money On The Order

Is Swiggy Really Charging More Money On The Order?

If you feel like you have noticed something weird about your Swiggy payments then here is the article which will clarify the doubts. It is recently seen that users are seriously complaining about how Swiggy has been charging the users with improper charges without any reasons. This article will talk about the allegations made on Swiggy. We will also highlight how Swiggy have dealt with the problem and what was their reply to this inconvenience.

Is Swiggy Really Charging More Money On The Order

What is happening with Swiggy?

There are a few things which is coming up for the last few days which highlight how Swiggy is charging people without any reasons. It is observed by a particular account hostel, which we are intentionally not mentioning here, that the order total seems to be somewhat more than the actual price. It is observed by the person that Swiggy have rounded the order charging 3.09 rupees more than the correct amount.

How did this got revealed?

The user posted the whole story on Twitter and has raised complains and concerns regarding the same issue. In response to this issue, many more other users tried checking their order history and also started observing the total very carefully. Many users noticed that Swiggy is charging people a little bit more money than the required payment. It is usually a small about of few paisa or rupees. However, when we look at this in a big scenario, it becomes quite a huge problem.

The users are users are being charged something as platform fees as well sometimes. People are quite worried about the new problems which are faced by users. There was quite a discussion on this on twitter. People also started complaining about the issue, to which finally Swiggy replied. They tried to solve the problem.

What is the reply made by Swiggy?

To the problem which is currently being discussed above, Swiggy informed that the users were never charged extra of what they should pay. According to their information, people were shown this type of few mistakes in the payment history because of a bug which they have noticed and have also fixed. They informed everyone that the problem was due to some glitches within the system itself.

What solutions did Swiggy made regarding the problem?

It is properly mentioned by Swiggy that consumers were never charged anything less than what they should be paying. The whole problem was what was being shown in the payment history. The end payment that the users make after the order is perfectly right and that they should not worry about any of the issues. The tech bug which was creating all the problems was solved by the company and now no further such issues will be created by the app.

Swiggy has taken responsibility for the inconvenience and has claimed that no unwanted charges were added to the orders. They want the process of food ordering to be smooth and have requested the customers to eat whatever they love without caring about any inconvenience now.

What will happen now?

The whole issue seems to be quite solved, however we have not yet confirmed whether the whole idea of a bug is either true or false. People seem to be trusting Swiggy for a long time and, thus keeping the trust which took so long to build, we are hoping no such problems occur further in the future. People were quite anxious because of the unwanted charge, but after the issue was resolved, everything seemed to fall back to the normal situation.

So, if you are a fan of food, why not try Swiggy. However we suggest people to be quite careful about the final billing which you see on your phone after you complete your order. Please take a look before just shutting it down. And if you find that there is still a “bug” raise your voice and let us know.

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