Apple iPhone 15 Will Be Delivered Within 10 Minutes? Blinkit!

Apple iPhone 15 Will Be Delivered Within 10 Minutes? Blinkit!

The app Blinkit, as we all know , provides services which is known for its fast delivery. It is believed that Blinkit can bring groceries to your doorstep in a minimum time. However, there is a little change I the menu of the app it seems. Now, Apple seems to have collaborated with Apple to change the menu a little. This article will talk about the new latest new of Blinkit delivering iPhone.

Apple iPhone 15 Will Be Delivered Within 10 Minutes? Blinkit!

What is going on with Blinkit?

The latest news says that Blinkit will be delivering iPhone 15 within just a few minutes. There is a new partnership between Apple’s authorized store Unicorn and Blinkit to provide this new item on the list of Blinkit apps. It is now being said by Blinkit will be able to provide an iPhone 15 phone within 10 minutes. This service is made available for users to order the phone without any hassle. The service will be provided in three places, which are Pune, Mumbai and lastly Delhi NCR.

iPhone 15 is on sale on Blinkit?

As we know who are interested in iPhone 15, it is being launched on sale now. However, it is quite a hassle to buy the phone offline it seems. It is seen that to buy a phone quite frequently, people have to wait in line and then buy the phone after so much hassle. So, keeping this in mind, Blinkit wanted to deliver the iPhone to the customers to keep this experience more smooth.

It is revealed by Blinkit that they have already delivered four devices. People who prefer time much more and want a smooth way of receiving the device stationed in  the above three places can use this facility. Blinkit is very confident about the delivery and have claimed that they will be able to deliver the iPhone 15 within a few minutes. Their new partnership with Apple premium reseller Unicorn has given a new wings to the whole idea.

What is the main of this whole new service?

The main goal of the partnership and the introduction of the service is to make it more convenient for users to get their hands on their new phone without waiting any longer than a few minutes. All other e-commerce platforms take at least a day or two at the lowest but this new service is the first in the market. This new feature has created a lots of excitement for the consumers. It is seen that people are interested in buying the phone through Blinkit. People have already started ordering phones through the app. It seems like a very unique and creative idea to implement.

What is the issue then?

The only thing keeps other users from different parts of India is that they won’t be able to experience the same facilities. However, it seems like users and consumers from Pune, Mumbai and Delhi NRC. The idea is to deliver these products to the customer who is eager to buy them but is hesitant because of the hassle of buying it offline or spending more days waiting for it.

What is the details of the iPhone product sold on Blinkit?

The phone in Blinkit is available with different options as well. It is available in different colours and storage variants as well. Both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are available  in the app and it also gives different payment methods. It also provides an EMI option. They provide a no-cost EMI and a low-cost EMI. They also have cashback option of upto 500 when you are paying with HDFC cards.

the blink is pro0viding the above mentioned two models and due to delay, the Pro and Pro Max models were not released, so it is not available in the app as well. The process of ordering the phone through the Blinkit app is very easy and flexible. You just need to go to the app and select your desired model and color. They will give you a checkout option after you add it to your cart. After going to cart, you can checkout and add payment methods according to your needs.

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