What Are The Google Extended Features And Apps That Can Make Your Work Easier?

What Are The Google Extended Features And Apps That Can Make Your Work Easier?

Google helps us with a lot of things in pour daily life through different ways and yet again I have brought few more things which google can help you with and replace many apps. This article will focus on certain features and extensions which ou can easily use instead of heavy apps in your windows. There are some extensions and services we are as well not aware of which you can now explore. You can note down the mentioned extensions which you can further use it.

What Are The Google Extended Features And Apps That Can Make Your Work Easier?

Google Meet and Chat

The first lets go with communications as it is one of the most important thing. It is not just g-mails that you can use to connect to one another. We also have Google Meet and Chat which you can easily use as an alternative for apps like Slack and Zoom. It can help you with communication and can connect you with anyone. It can help you with group calls and other huge number of features. For example Google Meet is one of the most used app for group meetings. While the Google Chat can help you with communication hub, direct messaging, etc.

Google Drive

The second app which can help is the File Compression which is basically Google Drive. You can easily get access of it through every device of yours. You can get access to it through you laptop or computer as well. You can use it to free spaces from you device. You can use it as a cloud storage as well though there is some limitation in space. You can use it as an extension or as a file compressor.

Google Play Books

The third thing which you can use is the reading app which can be alternative to any other e-book providing subscriptions like Kindle. It can provide you with e-books that you need. It also is a platform which you can use to publish your books as well. You can very easily download the e-books. Another important feature this have is that it can be accessed through any devices. For kindly it is seen that we don’t have the option of getting access through different devices. However for google play books you can access that through any device.

Google Ads

We also have Google has this option of controlling what types of adds you see. It is seen that we often get influenced by the types of ads we see. Thus, we often want to control the types of ads we see. We often see those ads in different ads have no option of being controlled. We cannot control the types of ads we watch. However, Google even gives you an option through which you can control the types of ads we watch. To do this, you need to go to My Ad center in the Google Apps section. You can select the types of adds you prefer to watch. This can make your ad consummation much more healthy.

Google Finance

If you are interested in financial status of different markets then you can also follow all the markets, stocks and other stuffs through Google Finance. You can find different types of currencies, crypto and other markets through this app. You can also easily compare and contrast different markets through this. This can help you in keeping updated in the finance market. You can also create on watchlist which will give you updates on your favorite markets, stocks, etc.


The next thing which can help you through these Google apps is the Travel app. You don’t have to download multiple apps to search for flights, hotels any many more things before going on a trip. You can easily use this Travel app, which is an extension of the Google Apps present. You can get access to it through your Google Apps option. As you select the app, you can find multiple features which will allow you to research your hotels, rentals, vacation rentals, flights, etc. You also get a search options which you can help you find specific trip related information as you search for it.

Many More Features-

There are many more apps which can help you with and you can manage it very easily through your browsers as well. You can use other features like Slides, Jamboards, Classroom, etc. This can help your students as well, in general, keep you connected. Classroom is a very useful app for online communication between students with their mentors. You also get the option of Google Docs where you can use it as a document editing or creating app just like WPS or Microsoft apps. Another important feature which comes with this is that you can do the document editing in groups as well. You can easily create a link and edit access settings. You get a similar kind of thing with the excel sheets as well. You can either use it as an excel sheet in general or you can also use it as a group. This also helps all the members of the group updated and you can update the importation easily. This makes the group works much easier. This also doesn’t need any heavy apps and can be done through your browsers as well.


These are the apps and features which Google provides which you can easily access through your multiple devices and use them. It is not mandatory to download all the apps mentioned here. You can easily go to your browser and through the ‘Google Apps’ feature, use all these features. It is easy to access and use it. We don’t have to even worry about any types of subscriptions. These apps don’t need any types of subscriptions and are totally free. These are some of the apps which can easily replace all the heavy space eating apps which also need subscriptions. These Google featured apps are also easy to access, less time-consuming, and less hectic.

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