What Are The Details Related To The New Update Of The Feature Of ‘Channels’

What Are The Details Related To The New Update Of The Feature Of ‘Channels’?

We all come across this Channel thing on WhatsApp I hope. After the latest it seems like a mess to even open the updates section. Many people don’t even have any clue what these Channels really function. So WhatsApp has launched this new Channel feature in India and almost more than 140 countries. We will discuss this feature in detail in this article.

What Are The Details Related To The New Update Of The Feature Of ‘Channels’

What is this Channels all about?

So we all know WhatsApp is based on our mobile numbers. So we can question whether these Channels are even safe? Yes, they are safe. It is a way of reaching more audience without exposing your privacy. It doesn’t expose your numbers to the channels you are following. It doesn’t even reveal the Admins number.  It seems like more of a Instagram Channels type, which just gives us more exposure.

These Channels are a type of broadcast tool which helps the admin share different types of media, texts, polls, stickers, photos and even videos. We can, if admin, share all types of media with the followers of the channels. The option of Channels are found in the new tab which is formed after changing the tab from Status to Updates. This whole new tab of ‘Updates’ will have the options for watching the status. Along with it it will also have the option of Channels.

How can we use this Channel options?

Everyone can create a channel with a simple process. They will just need to go to the new tab named ‘Updates’. You just need to tap the plus sign on the right side icon. Once you click the icon you will have to create a new channel for which you will have to add a name of the channel and images to go with it. Until now, we don’t have any restrictions on creating channels and as many as you like can be created. However, we don’t know about the future.

What are the privacy policy of the new update?

When we come to the matter of privacy, it is one of the most important factors. People who will be joining your channel wont be able to see any personal information. The admins will be shown, however other followers wont be able to be exposed. Their numbers and even the profile picture of the admin will be hidden.

In a vise versa situation, the followers wont be exposed to the channel as well. Any follower’s account number or their profile photo will be hidden from the other followers and even the admin. The people you follow will only be available to you and no one can access it. The whole records of the channels will be saved by the company as records for just thirty days. The channel history will automatically erased after 30 days.

Who will be controlling the Channel?

In the channels, the admin is the person who is going to post different kinds of media. They are allowed to post almost anything and everything. They can post links, text messages, videos, photos, etc. The option of blocking the option of forwarding stuff to other people from their channel will also be available to the admins.

The thing which followers can do to show their support in a public channel is to reach to the messages through emojis. They are not allowed to reply with a message. They can simply drop an emoji reaction to show their love to the content creator. This new feature will help content creators to create these channels which will increase their reach. And now, even through WhatsApp, people will be able to connect on a wide level.

The purpose of this new feature is to create a feature of WhatsApp to create some new and widely reachable. The admin will also be allowed to choose who will follow them. They can also decide the line on which the channel grows. The feature will be updated more in the future. We might even see the addition of subscription or ads in WhatsApp.

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