Will Apple Release Everything With Type-C Port Now? What New Do We Know

Will Apple Release Everything With Type-C Port Now? What New Do We Know?

As we all must have heard about the recent launch of iPhone 15 during the Wonderlust event, we also should know that this line includes iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and lastly, iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, in this article we will reveal some information about some Apple Magic accessories which will have the Type-C USB.

Will Apple Release Everything With Type-C Port Now? What New Do We Know?

What do we know about the new accessories?

We all know the new handset which was released, which is the iPhone 15 series, will have the Type-C USB port. This was a decision which was made to make all the charging ports around the world universal. We all know that all other companies use the Type-C port in their models, except Apple. Now Apple, as well, has adopted this Type-C port. They are now planning to launch some Apple accessories with the same Type-C connectivity to go with the model.

New released of Apple Magic accessories

Apple models before iPhone 15 had the lightning connectors which were modified by Apple due to EU’s regulations. Apple, in favor of making mobile chargers universal, adopted the USB type-c connectivity. Now, Apple is planning to launch some accessories which will probably happen during October. This is going to take place simultaneously with the highly expected launch of iMac products. The accessories which are expected to show during this launch with Type-C port are Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

What more launches will we see?

It is also informed in one of the announcements that the company will introduce the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo Charger as a whole new accessory with Type-C USB port connectivity. Another interesting news is that the new expected AirPods will also be launched very soon. However the twist is that it will as well have the Type-C USB charging port. The launch of new AirPods has not yet been released, however there will be a change in the charging port for sure.

The whole process seems like Apple releasing its new launches by just changing the charging ports into a Type-C USB port. They seem to just change the connectivity feature only in the new models. There are some changes in other features as well. However, the main aim of the launches seems to lie mainly in the charging ports. We have many more other news related to the company as well.

Do we have news about any more updates? YES!

We can also expect to see OLED displays on iPad Prod models of 13 and 11 inches. We will also see that in five years for the first time it will probably be revamped. We will see a change in the top case of the keyboards which come with the tablets. It will now probably be made up of metal finishing now. We can also expect to see that the size of the displays getting bigger when compared with the predecessors of the iPhone Pro models. The models like MackBook Pros and other Mac devices will also probably receive an upgrade by introducing the M3 chip

The company also seems to be experimenting with an AI-powered health coaching service. The company is also going to release the Apple Watch Series X either by the end of the year or at the beginning of the next year. It is also rumored that Apple will launch the Vision Pro AR/VR headset which will have more updated features.

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