Use Google Classroom In Any Way To Make Your Working Easier

Use Google Classroom In Any Way To Make Your Working Easier

Google at this point has given us unlimited powerful tools and one such tool is Google Classroom. If you are struggling to use Google Classroom and are not aware of the features it has then this article is made just for you. If you are a teacher and are struggling with keeping track of assignments or any other work that you are giving to your students. If you are unable to circulate materials easily, then this is your sign to go on and read this article without skipping any part of it.

Use Google Classroom In Any Way To Make Your Working Easier


How to make a class in the Google Classroom app?

So let me first tell you if any of you are unaware what exactly google classroom is and how we can use it. The first thing which comes into mind when we hear the name is a literal classroom. Yes, you can really compare Google Classroom with a literal classroom. However, the difference is that it is virtual. So the basic concept of Google Classroom was introduced by Google during the Covid-19 pandemic when teachers were conducting online classes.

It is a space where you will have an option to to create a class (usually by the teachers or the person in charge). The link to or code of the class can be shared through other messaging platforms with the students or people who need to be added to the class. Then as you open the app you will have your class with a title of your choice. You will be able to post materials, students can interact and also comment on the posts. The students can as well post something when required.

How does the app work?

After adding all the students and creating the class successfully, you can just click the class as you open the app. As you open the classroom on the bottom of the screen, you will see three options: stream, classwork and people. In the last section of ‘People’, you will be able to observe who is the teacher or the controller of the class. Below you will also get to see the students or the participants of the class. The students are only allowed to post and are not given the option to add any classwork.

All the posts of the classroom are presented on the first page of the classroom i.e. in ‘Stream’. On the second page you will be able to see all the classwork given by the teachers. The controller or the teacher  can post posts as well as create assignments. It is the only the teacher who can post classwork and create assignments.

What benefits can we get from Google Classroom?

So more benefits which as a teacher you can get from this app are very handy in this fast growing digital world. The teachers often get unorganized when it comes to collecting assignments. They often miss some work or there is always a chance of losing the work, whether it be online or offline. There is always a chance of misplacement. So, with the help of this app, you can create an assignment submission place where the students can upload the document in any form and submit it. You can also create a due date before which the student should submit the assignment. You can easily check who has submitted the assignment late or who has not submitted it atoll.

Sources sharing-

You can also keep track of all the materials and resources with the students. You can also use Google Drive in the whole process to create a single link which will make the documents much more organized. It is important to keep the class engaging and informed, which can also be done with the help of the posts where students can comment and engage. They can also ask questions at anytime with just a few clicks, which makes it easier for the students to engage with the teachers.

Easy handling-

This app doesn’t just stand when a teacher is taking online classes. This is the post Covid-19 time when a lots of things have changed. We have got to know more about online things. It is not just some inconvenient ways, rather it has created a layer to our life. You can easily use those things in your offline classes as well. You can use apps like this Google Classroom to keep your materials sorted, your assignments sorted and also to keep your students updated. It is seen that before the pandemic there was no proper communication between the students and teachers in a frequent manner. It can now be changed and the teachers can easily keep the students updated with just a few clicks.

It is not mandatory for all teachers to use such things. However, it is always helpful to have all the assignments submitted in one place. It is not just one class which a teacher handles, but rather many classes. The teachers can have different classrooms for different classes and they can get all the work properly organized without actually doing anything.

Feedback and Easy Updates in the Classroom and by the Classroom in your emails-

There are some more features as well, which you might not notice. While an assignment is personally submitted to the teacher. The teacher can personally comment on each of these submitted work, they can  provide feedback directly on the assignment. You can also enable emails, which will automatically update you on your emails on the things going on in the classroom. This can also help students get reminders about their assignments. These emails can also be sent to parents who might be eager to know updates on their child’s performances.


Along with the feedback on the assignments, you can also provide grading on the assignments simultaneously. All the works submitted in the Classroom app remains unless you delete anything. This keeps a record as well as you can very well use the previous works when you require it.  These are some of the things you can easily do to manage your work load. This app is not just for students but can also be used for office work as well. The updates, submission of the works, etc., all be done in this app very easily. It is not mandatory, used for student teacher classes only. These are useful in every type of educational as well as work places.

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