Apps Which Can Help In Creating The Best Ppt According To Your Needs

Apps Which Can Help In Creating The Best PPT According To Your Needs

So there are always people who search for ways in which you will be able to make a better PPT for presentation. So if that person is you, then you have come to the perfect article. So here is a solution to all your tension regarding the making of a PPT for presentation. This article will provide you with great apps which will help you make your presentation without any problems. There is no proper way of making a presentation, but there is always your way. So you choose any of the apps which will provide you with great features and help you in the process.

Apps Which Can Help In Creating The Best Ppt According To Your Needs

Why PPT is important?

Presentations always show your creativity and efficiency which comes through the PPT and your presentation of the content itself. PPT holds a very good portion of the presentation which can create a good image from the beginning itself and can also destroy your image. The way in which your PPT is created shows the amount of effort you put into your visual presentation, which makes up half of your image.

Along with your way of speaking, people are not just going to stare at you, rather they will be going through your PPT, which will also help you in guide them and make them understand your content. Often, people get lost in between the presentations and the PPT is also going to bring those people back on track if you have an engaging PPT. The engagement on the PPT also diverts some percentage of the audience’s attention away from you which, can make you feel a little comforting.


So let us start with the apps which can me this process of making PPT very friendly and easy. The go to app, which is my number one choice is firstly WPS, which provides you with lots of options for templates and the PPT is 50% ready made. You can add your content and give it a customized look. It is also very user friendly and if you have the paid version of it then I can bet it will be one of the best apps you will ever use to make PPTs. These apps are not just useful for PPT but for handling all types of documents as well.

Microsoft PowerPoint-

The second app which is very efficient in its work and very convenient for the users is obviously Microsoft PowerPoint. So, as we all know about Microsoft Office apps, this is the app which helps in making PPT. When seen in an integrated manner, this is one of the best apps to use. However, the only problem I feel is the weight of the app, sometimes, according to my opinion, gets a little bit difficult for  the laptop if your laptop is weak. Otherwise, this is better in all other ways and also provides a much more wider option of templates. The features for formatting as well are quite vast to choose from. The features through which you get to customize are quite a number.


If you like making each slide individually with proper customization, then this app is for you. Canva is one of the best app which can provide you with innumerable editing option. Even though you have to make each and every slide differently but if that’s what you want then this is best for you. The editing options and the way you can use this app to make your PPT is very exciting and interesting as well. You get to choose everything and everything can be customized. If you want to make your slide from scratch without any templates then as well Canva can do a very good job in making the experience better.


The next app which can help you to create your PPT is Emaze. If you are looking for something different which will have 3D and VR options, then this app is just right for you. So this app has this special feature which gives you the option to make your presentation in 3D and it can also be a VR presentation. Not many apps are able to provide such kind of feature, which also makes this app quite unique. The app is complex, but you can use it with some effort. If you want something fun in your presentation, then this app will fit just right to your taste.  It is not just a 3D and VR presentation creator, but also has other options. The variety of templates presented is quite wide. It also has a feature to working in a group which helps in not just creating a PPT for individuals but for group PPTs as well.


The last app which you can choose if you are more into animation is Powtoon. It can help you with a lot of animation if you want to create that type of presentation. If you want to create the PPT quicker without much effort and want it to be done faster, then as well, this could help you. The PPT created here also supports other types of media. If you want to include other types of media in your presentation, then this app can help you a lot in installing them in your presentation.


These are some of the apps which can help you with your presentation. Choosing an app is always based on the personal choices and the type of presentation you want to create. However, most of the apps mentioned here are all-rounders. T5hey can provide you with most of the features but there can be some specific features which you will find in certain apps only. This article tries to guide you through the process of choosing an app which will help you with creating the presentation.

While writing a presentation is a whole different topic which will again include other points. This app will help you with the templates if you need them. It will provide you with editing options which will help you customize your PPT. Having a PPT during a presentation always helps. It helps you keep yourself a little bit safeguarded from the 100% attention of the listeners. You can also keep the audience engaged much more into the presentation with the PPT.

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