How To Customize Your Laptop?

How To Customize Your Laptop?

If you ever look at your laptop and wonder why it looks like its not yours, then it’s time for you to add your essence to the look of the laptop. It is not just about putting some sticker and making it look customized. Well, you can very well put stickers, but you should also make it look like it represent you in the world of laptops. It is not all about outer appearance as well, and you can very easily, with a few simple steps, make the laptop customized.

How To Customize Your Laptop?

If you are wondering whether this will be a waste of time or is just ignoring customization, then let me tell you that customization can, even in a way, make you feel comfortable. It can make your system look very comfortable to basically look at. It is very obvious that almost all people, one way or other, work with a laptop for a long time nowadays. Earlier people used to have their own customized pens or diaries. People used to buy expensive pens which made them comfortable while writing. If you are now always working on laptops, then it becomes healthy to customize them.

Customization is not all about outer appearance and there are lots of internal changes in the setting which can also keep your laptop healthy. This article will first try to focus on the internal changes which you can do and later, we can always put a Taylor Swift sticker. It is not necessarily a very technical thing to change a few settings and everyone should know at least this much, which is quite healthy for the laptop as well.

Wallpapers and Themes-

The first and foremost thing you can do is change the wallpapers and themes. One of the easiest ways of making some changes in your laptop so that it doesn’t stay limited in the default setting is to change your theme and wallpapers. Laptops often have some pre-downloaded themes and wallpapers. You can very well download a photo or put something from your gallery and set it as your wallpaper. It be better to use your own wallpaper through which you can feel very cozy while you look at the screen. You can also put some photos which are close to your heart. As for the themes, you can either use the themes presented on the laptop and, if your system allows, you can also download some and install them as your theme.

Laptop Skin and Decals-

The second thing which you can do is to add laptop skin and decals. This is the external part which I was talking about. Well, you can put some Taylor Swift stickers as well. The laptop skin and decals come in different designs and patters. You can very easily order the one which you think suits you and install it on your laptop. It is not very hard to install either. It’s just like putting a skin guard on your smartphone. Well, just a little bit tricky, that’s it. The thing which should be kept in mind is the size of your laptop while you buy it and it also has the feature of easy removal.

Customize Boot Screen-

The third internal thing which you can do is to customize your Boot Screen. Not all laptops have the option to customize your boot screen, however you can do that on some laptops. You need to check whether your laptop allows you to personalize the Boot Screen. These are some small changes which, in the end, add you to make your laptop look like a customized thing. It also sometimes becomes an extended artistic version of yourself and you are able to express yourself by the way you customize things.

Keyboards and Trackpads-

Just like skin and decals for the system as a whole, you can also get the same for keyboards and trackpads as well. These are well available on the market at a not so costly rate. So a positive side to this is that there are skins available which not only give a customized look to your laptop but also protect it. If you need something for protection only, it is also available in simple designs. You can also add screen protectors which also protect your eyes. They also come with privacy filter and anti-glare features.

LED lights-

Along with all these skins and stickers another cool thing which you can add is customizable LED lights. It tried to give you a personalized glow. Nowadays, a large number of models are available with built-in LED lights. Some of these even give you the option to choose color from a wide spectrum of colors. The LED lights, if not in-built, can also be installed by adding USB LED strips. This light gives a very aesthetic vibe and a very cool look to the laptop itself. None the less, there is always good use of it while using the laptop in the dark.

Other Accessories-

You can always buy accessories for your laptops to give them a customized look from the outside. You can buy a laptop sleeve which you think makes it look cool. However, while grooming it you should think about what looks good in your own eyes. All the customization of the laptop is not for anyone else, but primarily for you. You can also get a bag which you think is perfect for your laptop.

Customize Sounds-

There are instances when you get an SMS or some notification there is a sound. You can also customize your notification ringtone on your system. You can also check if the system allows you to customize your boot sound as well. There are some laptops which have the feature of customizing start up sound to songs or audio clips, etc.


These are some of the features which can be used to customize your laptop. It is not mandatory to customize your laptop, but doing it will kind of improve your interaction with it. Since nowadays most of our work is done on laptops. We can be students or working people, but for one or the other reason, if you have a laptop you spend a huge amount of time on it. Thus, when you start customizing the laptop, it becomes easy to connect with and, though the work you doing is hard, at least our minds don’t lose the connection with the thing itself. We can’t hate something which we groomed so lovingly.

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