iPhone Security Tips And Tricks Which Will Save Your Phone From Intruders

iPhone Security Tips And Tricks Which Will Save Your Phone From Intruders

So now we are talking about the safety of your iPhone which is internal as well should be well thought of as mobile is one of the important thing which at this point of time even have your biometrics. The present day smartphone you possess has everything that can damage your financial access and can also access your personal details very easily. So, in order to keep intruders away from your phone, the basic thing you first need to do is use a PIN or pass-code or fingerprints.

iPhone Security Tips And Tricks Which Will Save Your Phone From Intruders

It is seen that less than 50% of users are not using the feature of lock-screen security, which is quite concerning. When the world has come to a situation where all your important details and even bank details are present on your mobile phone, it is also important that you keep it safe and well protected. The first layer of protect that you can give to your mobile is to put either of these three things, which will in turn protect your phone from the very beginning.

The iOS system provides a very strong security system for your iPhone. However, it is not harmful to know a few tips to keep your phone safer. We often tend to compromise our security to keep our use much more smooth and easy. We, without any second thoughts, click links and want everything to work with just one click. However, this one click sometimes becomes bad news.

Why is this needed?

Some of the most threatening things which can happen to your phone and, ultimately, your life, are quite serious, which you must be aware of at this point. There are things like Phishing, Data leaks, attacks through unsecured public Wi-Fi, and many more. Your phone can even fall prey due to out-of-date operating systems.

First step-

The first and the most basic thing you can do is to double check whom you are giving permission to and what are those permissions. You should be aware of the permissions the apps are asking for and whether they are even relevant to the apps. It is not mandatory to go through the terms and conditions, however it is important that you at least notice the permission that you are giving to the app.

Three things you can just do very easily to increase your safety instantly is upgrade your phone pass-code to a six digit pass-code. Then you can switch your location tracking off. Your location is not always needed while using your mobile and thus you can switch it off. You can always switch it back on when you feel like it is needed. As you switch off your location, it keeps all the apps which have your location access away from actually tracking your location. The last simple thing you can do is remove any password free widgets which you are using. Widgets are quite important as they lead you directly to the main content.


You can also turn on your location alerts which will give you proper alerts to what is going on with your data. This option is basically important for those who need to keep their location on. This will provide you with proper data which will show which app has picked up which data along with a reason of doing so. It will also show if any app has picked up any information without any reason.

Sign in-

There is an option of signing in as well, which you must not overlook. When you get your iOS system, you will come across this sign in thing which must be done carefully. It helps you protect your identity. The company even gives you an option to protect your email id and keep it hidden. You get after this the option of two-factor authentication as well.

Two-Factor Authentication-

The iPhone also comes with two-factor authentication, which gives your phone another layer of safety. It is important to protect your banking details and all other personal details which are present on your iPhone. The two-factor authentication also keeps all your details away from intruders by putting them inside a safe locker.

Additional Apps-

When we move on to accepting some external apps which will help you with protecting your iPhone, we have a VPN and ad blocking apps. You need to be careful and well researched when selecting the apps. The apps can protect you from spyware ads and other unwanted intruders.

Find My iPhone-

The idea of keeping a phone safe is also to keep it in your hands and not lose it. Even if you lose it, you must always think of a way which will help you without panicking to get your phone back. You must have come across the name ‘Find My iPhone’. if you have ignored it then I suggest you to go back and think twice. This app will help you track your iPhone if you lose it. It creates a safeguard of your data and also helps you literally find your phone.

The first thing it does is to stop anyone from using your data by activation of Lock. Unless the user uses their Apple ID and password, it is impossible to either  open it or do anything to the data present in the iPhone. Along with this, it also has a tracking facility which helps you track your iPhone back.


These are some of the important security factors which you can use in your mobile to create a huge layers of safety. The smartphone is something which has become a part of our life now. It has now become something where we store everything. It is now like a private diary which also has your personal as well professional life details.

It is not just about the safety of your personal data. It is also about your financial safety. At this point, everyone has their bank details and online payment methods on their iPhone. So in general to keep your phone safe it is important that everyone take proper measures. It is also seen that the phones are stolen for the purpose of getting your details. So, in that case, you must have proper apps installed which will prevent anyone else to get to your details.

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