iPhone 14 Tips And Tricks You Can Do To Become a Pro User

iPhone 14 Tips And Tricks You Can Do To Become a Pro User

So if you are looking for tricks which you want to learn to get the most out of your new iPhone 14, then this article is perfect for you. This article will talk about different types of things you can customize and we also have different types of settings which will make you aware of all the facilities that are present on the phone. Often, we just get restricted to certain features and miss out on many more features which might make our life easier.

iPhone 14 Tips And Tricks You Can Do To Become a Pro User

Lock-screen Settings-

So while starting on, why don’t we start with the lock-screen itself. Now you can customize the lock-screen which is seen on iPhone 4. To do that, all you need to do is press and hold on the lock-screen and this will give you a slide menu where you can go through other options as well.  Now, when you press the plus sign on the bottom of the screen,  you come across a much more range of options which you can choose from.

After setting the image of the lock-screen, you can also change the font of the clock as you click the clock. At the bottom, you also get an option to change the colors of the clock. You can select the color which suits the background image. There are also options to customize your widgets and other things which are going to be visible on your lock-screen. When you are satisfied with your look then you can select add. You also get a chance to make that your home-screen as well.

Battery Settings-

The next tips are on battery. So, as an Apple user, you might constantly worry about your battery. So we are here with some battery tips which can keep your iPhone’s battery health to the maximum. The first thing that you can do is App Refresh. To set your background app refresh you need to go to settings then select general.

Background App Refresh:

Here you will find an option known as Background App Refresh. You will find that most of the apps are going to be in the ‘on’ state, which means they want to run in background. However, they don’t need to and thus you need to switch them off. You need to switch the button off for those apps which you think this option of being 24/7 running is not needed. Apps used for shopping, gaming, and social media. You should not turn off all the background apps as some might really need them. However, you should look through them and turn of the not needed ones.


The second thing that you can do to save battery is to do with notification. When you open your settings, you will find an option called Notification. As you open that, you will get a list of apps again. Here you should or you can turn off all the app notifications which you think is right. You don’t need notifications from all the apps and you can just switch it off and this will save a lots of battery.


To keep you phone healthy one of the important thing to know is about how to charge your phone. You might think this is very stupid. However, there are ways in which if you charge your phone, it might hurt its battery life. So you must know the best way to charge your phone, which will also sustain your iPhone’s battery life.

As you open your setting, the first thing you need to do is open your battery option, which you will find in the main menu. You need to go to Battery Health and Charging. You need to switch on the Optimize Battery Charge, which will give your iPhone a better and more organized way of charging.

Messaging Tips-

Moving on from battery, we have some message tips which will also help you. These are some of the new features which Apple provides. In iPhone message we have now the option to unsend and even edit you messages. So if you have to send a message which you want to edit. You can select the message which will open a secondary tab where you can select the edit option. The receiver, however, will be able to see the edited history. This option is available for 15 minutes from the moment you send the message.  You can also unsend the sms and to do that you need to select the SMS. When a second window pops up, you need to select undo send. this option however is only available for 2 minutes after you send the SMS. So think fast after sending the SMS though.

Siri and Search Settings-

Now moving on to the next best thing which is present on the iPhone, which is Siri. So, using Siri in a proper manner can also make many things easier. To make the Siri setting better, all you need to do is open your setting. While you scroll down, you will find Siri and Search, which will have all the settings related to Siri.

In this, the first option is “Hey Siri” which you can switch on if you want to get access to Siri without using your hands. This option is however quite battery consuming and can consume upto 10% of your daily battery as it needs constant running. You should switch it on only if you think it will help[ you and if it is needed. Instead of this, you can opt for the second option, which will give you access to Siri when you press the side button.

Text Copy and Paste from Photos-

The last feature which is also kind of cool is what will be concluding the article. Now you can copy text from photos and paste it. So, for example, if you are in a seminar and have clicked some pictures of the sides. Now, if you want the texts presented on the slide which you took as a picture, it is very easy now. When you open your photos, you can just select the texts by clicking on the texts on the photo. You select as much as you want and copy it and past it on your notes.


These are some of the tricks and tips which can help you make your iPhone use much more better. It is also better to go through your setting once a while, which will give you quite a lot of knowledge about your own phone. It is better to know about your own phone settings, which in turn also keeps your phone healthy, as you know which is harmful for your phone. It is also important that you use 5W chargers during the overnight charging. It is slow while charging, however, is better for the health of your phone’s battery. The fast change though is a time saver, but it damages your phone’s battery severely.

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