How To Keep Your Phone Safe And Secured?

How To Keep Your Phone Safe And Secured?

When we talk about our android mobiles, we often tend to not think of their security nowadays. However, keeping your mobile safe  is one of the important steps you can take to keep your personal details safe. So this article will discuss some steps which can help you keep your mobile safe. There are some internal steps that you can take which will, as a whole, try to protect your smartphone from all sides. There are many things which we will be discussing, like the virus issues, privacy, etc.

How To Keep Your Phone Safe And Secured?

App Locks

Let us think of the first security that you can give to your mobile is the App lockers. You can apply it to different apps which are crucial for your phone. The payment apps should have a double layer of protection which can include the apps’ locks and another set of locks given to that app itself. You can also add this app lock to other important apps like contacts, emails, photos, etc. You can use your own app lock present in your android setting. You can either put passwords or biometrics.

Two Factor Authentication

The second thing which you can do is add Two Factor Authentication in your apps. In androids we have different types of apps which provide two-factor authentication. Apps like  Whatsapp or any other app which provides the two-factor authentication should be completed. It is important that you complete that authentication and this will in turn ensure the safety of the app.

VPNs for Safe Online Browsing

The third step which you can do to keep your privacy in a safe circle is to use a VPN. A VPN is an app which ensures a safe layer to your personal information when you are working online. There are many VPN apps which you can download, like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc. These apps ensures your privacy while browsing the internet and it also encrypts your connection. This ultimately creates a wall against the hackers if they try to steal any of your data. There is also another use of VPN which is that it helps you get access to contents which are geo-restricted making your access anonymous.

Secure Messaging Apps

Another important step you can keep in your mind while ensuring security is the use of secured apps. There are certain apps which are not safe for any message exchange or any other stuff. You need to make sure which apps you are using for messaging and it might lead to a privacy crisis. There are apps which are very safe and protected, like Telegram, etc. They use deep privacy end-to-end encryption, which keeps your chats safe even from the company itself. The confidential conversations if done in any unsecured apps might lead to a leak in the data. However, these encrypted apps can give you a secure platform to exchange confidential messages.

Safe Wi-Fi

The fifth important step is very important, however, often gets ignored is secure Wi-Fi. We often tend to not notice the fact that whichever Wi-Fi we are using might not be secure. If you are using any public Wi-Fi and without any notice use that unsecured network, then it might lead to damage to your system as well. If the Wi-Fi is public but secured then we are good to go. However, if it is not secure, it is really recommended to not to use it even if you are in very urgent need of data.

Find My Device App

The sixth step which you can do is install the ‘find my device’ app on your mobile. You can download the app from the Playstore and install it. This app will help you locate your smartphone if, by any chance, you lose it. You can also lock the device or even erase the data present. This app will prevent any kind of authorization in case you lose your device. It keeps your mobile safe and, if you want to find its location, it has that option as well, which gives you a real chance to find the device.

Antivirus Apps

The next step which should not be ignored is the subscription to an antivirus app. You must have an antivirus actively protecting your device. It is often seen that people using androids don’t really even think of using any anti viruses which might often lead to virus issues. It is seen that phones often get easily affected by virus issues. Thus, it is always recommended to have an antivirus active on your device. You can opt for apps like McAfee, etc, which offer a huge amount of protection. You should also perform regular scans of your device and check its health. Some devices do come with a built in antivirus system, but we can always use another later of protection.

Safe and Security From Scams

There are many more instances where you should keep your device safe, like providing any kind of OTP to any unknown person. It is also recommended to never provide any kind of bank OTP to anyone. It is always safe to keep your personal details present on your mobile safe with app locks and other types of authentications. You should also keep track of your saved passwords on your browsers. We often tend to forget about the


In conclusion, I would like to add that, nowadays it is seen that links are being sent to smartphone users in a tempting manner to tempt the user to click it will directly lead to one or the other way of hacking devices. So it is advised to use any type of link very carefully. We should also not trust any kinds of unknown stores. It is also a valid reason to doubt any unauthorized stores which are there in your locality to repair your device. We often think of the cheap repairs and opt for them. However, manipulation and malpractice can also be done during this process of repair as well. So we should be aware of whom we are handing our device to and if it is not authorized, there is a huge change of malpractice.

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