Full-Length Music Video Now On Spotify?

Full-Length Music Video Now On Spotify?

Spotify is trying to grow itself as well as compete with its competitors like YouTube and TikTok. Spotify is currently thinking of adding full-length music videos and many  more shorts to their app. It was seen that Spotify added looping GIFs or canvases on their screen while music plays in the last update.

However, we all know YouTube and TikTok have a huge fan base due to its full-length music videos. It is revealed to the media by some unknown sources that Spotify has currently started to work on this new feature of full-length videos.

What were the new updates in Spotify?

It was also seen that Spotify has launched a new TikTok-esque music home screen in March. It allowed us users to preview and swipe through videos before starting or committing to listening to a full track. Earlier in the month of July, it was also seen that Spotify announced that more than 100,000 podcasts would be available along with the videos.

Full-Length Music Video Now On Spotify?

Will Spotify include Full-length video then?

Spotify earlier tried to put some TV content in the app but eventually it lapsed. However, this idea of making full-length videos available may bring new users to the app. But being a user of Spotify myself may also lead to a big drawback. The idea of Spotify being a music app will just lead to it becoming something like YouTube and losing its own signature in the field. However, we might also like it as it is no one else but our own Spotify.

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