Will AI Steal Our Jobs? Or Will It Change The Way We Do Our Jobs?

Will AI Steal Our Jobs? Or Will It Change The Way We Do Our Jobs?

AI is often scary for people because they think that it will replace them and steal their jobs. In 2022, November ChatGPT was introduced to us by OpenAI, which led to a big use of AI. It was observed that since then, many more companies are creating their own AI tools. All this leads to a mind set that AI will soon replace human beings and steal their jobs.

What does the study by ILO says?

However, in a study conducted by the United Nations’ International Labour Organization. The study says that AI will not be able to steal our jobs but rather will change the way we work. It further says that the industries will be partially exposed to automation instead of full automation.

What changes will come due to AI tools?

The International Labour Organization further said that, just like ChatGPT, most companies will be complemented by these AI tools. It further said that the anatomy, intensity and quality of the jobs is likely to change due to AI. The AI effect will also vary from region to region and even profession to profession.

Will AI take our jobs?

The new growing technology is expected to grow more, according to the reports. The idea of AI tools and technology will grow more as time passes. However, people need more time to cope with this growing technology. The future will not see a lack of jobs, but will see a change in the way jobs are done.

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