Live Music Lyrics On Youtube Music App Now. Let's Enjoy!!

Live Music Lyrics On YouTube Music App Now. Let’s Enjoy!!

It was seen during the last few months that a new feature is pooping up in the YouTube Music app. It is seen that live music lyrics are now available in the app while playing the songs. The music streaming app is proving live lyrics to all its current users from iOS to Android. This feature came to notice first during the month of April 2023.

YouTube Music Vs Spotify ?

This type of live lyrics feature was first provided by Spotify to its users. It started in June 2020 in some selected countries and also included India in it. However, now it is available in almost all parts of the world. This same feature of live music is now available on YouTube Music app as well.

What’s new in YouTube Music?

The lyrics of the music are still in the process of development. However, a wide change can be noticed with the presence of this new feature. Listeners can now access this feature while playing a song. As soon as listeners play a song which has available lyrics attached to it, the live lyrics can be accessed.

Live Music Lyrics On Youtube Music App Now. Let's Enjoy!!

How to use it?

The user should go to the lyrics tab on the now playing screen. This will show the live lyrics rolling and highlighting the part of the lyrics playing in white while the rest in faint gray. On Android the YouTube Music version 6.15 has this new feature of live music. On iOS the YouTube Music version 6.16 has this new feature.

What if its not available for you?

If of any change, any user is not able to access this feature even after updating the app, one must take the following process. The user can try first to force shut the app and then remove it from the recent screen. They can again try to access it and contact the customer service if it is still not working.

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