28th August! A Big Step For Jio 5G?

The latest news on Reliance, on 28th August, the company will be hosting one of the big events of the year. Mukesh Ambani, on this auspicious occasion, is expected to reveal some information about the upcoming Jio 5G. In the Indian market, it is highly expected that he will reveal some information about the tariff plans.


What new can happen?

We can also expect some more information about the details on JioAir Fiber road-map. It also said that Jio is expecting to launch a new 5G Jio smartphone and many other important information. We can expect this type of important news from the big event.

So far we know that the big event will come with some important news on Jio 5G. It is rumored that we will get more about Jio5G prepaid plans. We already know that the Jio 5G is growing at a very breath taking speed and Mukesh Ambani is trying to spread it all over India. Currently around 7,500 areas have been covered by Jio to make Jio 5G available and they are expecting to cover all other parts of India by 2024.

28th August! A Big Step For Jio 5G?

Will we get any new prepaid plans on Jio 5G?

It was previously informed to us by Jio that all the 4G plans will also deliver 5G services. However, we are expecting that this new announcement of such a big event will be the first step to creating some separate plans for Jio 5G. The idea of prepaid 5G plans being revealed is highly expected. However, the debut date or month of these plans is quite unsure at this point of time.

All this information is mostly based on the rumors regarding the new big event. However, we don’t have any official confirmation regarding the plans for the big event. All we need to do is wait for the upcoming news which will only be released after 28th August, which is not so far.

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