AI Helped A Patient Who Was Paralyzed For 18 Years Speak?

Our world is developing at the speed of life. It is currently being noticed that AI technology can also be used in the medical field in such a way that it can help paralyzed patients to speak. Recently, a breakthrough has been seen in technology. It is observed that a woman who has been paralyzed for almost 18 years can now speak with the help of AI.


How did this develop?

Previously, a little conversation was possible with the help of slow speech synthesizers, eye tracking and facial expressions. However, the way of communication in a smooth manner was eared from the life of the paralyzed person. Now, according to UC San Francisco (UCSF), new technology is created with the help of AI algorithms. It observed minuscule electrodes on the brain’s surface.

How does this works?

In the process, it identifies the electric activity in brain areas controlling speech and, lastly, facial expressions. As a whole, these instantly change all these signals into a speech and is further expressed by a digital avatar. The 47 year old patient, Ann who is been paralyzed for 18 years, suffered through brainstem stroke leading to loos of speech. After therapy, she was able to communicate at around 14 words per minute with the help of motion tracking.

What is the present situation?

However now, after implanting 253 paper-thin electrodes inside her brain, she has started working with the team to create an AI algorithm to recognize her brain signals. The AI was developed to learn 39 distinct sounds. A ChaptGPT-style model was created to convert these signals to language. Now she is able to do a brain to text conversation at the rate of 78 words per minute. Ann currently aspires to work as a counsellor with the help of the new technology developed in the form of a digital avatar.

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