Scam!! Based On The US And Is Implemented Through WhatsApp

Scam!! Based On The US And Is Implemented Through WhatsApp

Again, a new scam, based around WhatsApp and is basically on the rise in the US. These types of scammers are pretending to be some important figures from the United States and are deceiving people. These scammers try to call people stating that they are some executives or bosses of some companies, asking the people to start talking.

How is this Scam executed?

They use WhatsApp, and say to “Reply back”. These types of fake calls seem to be coming from American numbers. The cods of this number are like +1(404) for Atlanta, Georgia and +1(773) for Illinois and Chicago. There was a huge flood of these unwanted scam calls which put the user at risk of losing information to the scammer. The Indian WhatsApp users in the last few months have been observed receiving these kinds of suspicious messages and calls from other countries, mainly Southeast Asia and Africa.

Scam!! based on the US and is implemented through WhatsAPP

How is India affected by this scam?

The scammer’s calls seemed to be coming from countries like Ethiopia or Malaysia but, it was not true. In reality it was misled and was coming from somewhere else. Indian WhatsApp users were facing another big issue of getting job offers. The users must be very careful regarding the links they click sent by some unknown numbers. The users must keep their personal information safely and must block and report all spam messages.

Users must always stay safe with the accounts they reply to and should always avoid suspicious unknown international calls. The users must also keep their family members aware of these types of scams. The users must also keep their accounts under review for any unauthorized transactions.

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