YouTube Providing New Feature Updates

YouTube Providing New Feature Updates? What Are They?

If you are a daily user of YouTube, then you must know about these new features. YouTube, since its launch, has become a huge part of our daily social media surfing. We are often curious about what will be the new updates as we go on using certain types of features in an app. So, now for YouTube, this article will highlight some new and upcoming features that may be fascinating to know about.

YouTube Providing New Feature Updates? What Are They?

What are the new features?

Recently, it has came out that YouTube is experimenting with a new feature. The feature is to highlight the ‘Subscribe’ button. This button gets highlighted only when the word ‘subscribe’ comes up anytime during the video. The process seems to be already automated as the update was available in a vast range of content.

It is observed by the content creators that when they are asking the users to subscribe the ‘Subscribe’ seems to be glowing. We often see that content creators use their creativity to highlight this option of ‘Subscribe’ with lots of creativity. However, now YouTube is trying to make it more by themselves.

What about voice search update?

Another feature which we can expect from future update is searching for songs by humming them. We already have a voice search, but searching for songs by humming them seems to be much more advance. This new feature will help us find our songs even if we totally forget the lyrics. It often happens that we tend to forget the lyrics and be left with just a humming sound. After this update we will be able to get to the song by just humming it.

It is also rumored that the Skip button present on YouTube will also see some changes. The button can expected to be redesigned and can be seen in the future updates. We can see that YouTube is trying to highlight the creator’s statements. Leading to an update highlighting the Subscribe button. What exactly happens is when the word Subscribe comes up in the content of the video it illuminates the ‘Subscribe’ button.

When will we see all the updates?

This new update is automated by the platform itself and is a new feature given to the creators. Along with this new feature as mentioned earlier, we can expect some more updates as well. One of the features is searching by song. It can already be seen and experienced on Google. However, YouTube will also likely adopt this feature soon.

There will be some testing and experiments on these new features which will lead to an update which will gradually provide with all these new features. We need to wait a little bit to experience all these new features which will also improve our user experience. If you are a YouTube lover, keep updating the app and your hope.

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