Rivian Reviews 500 Electric Vehicles Over Fire Risk

Rivian Auto, an electric vehicle creator, is reviewing 500 of its R1T pickup trucks over a fire risk. The review influences vehicles that were delivered between December 2021 and April 2022.


Reason for fire risk

The fire risk is brought about by a defective assembling process that can prompt a short out in the battery pack. This can happen when the battery cells are not as expected welded together. The short-out can cause the battery pack to overheat and burst into flames.

Rivian has said that it doesn’t know about any fires in the reviewed vehicles, yet it is giving the review as a safeguard. The organization is additionally attempting to fix the assembling deformity with the goal that it doesn’t repeat.

Side effects of fire risk

Rivian has not gotten any reports of fires in the reviewed vehicles, however, it is cautioning proprietors to know about the accompanying side effects that could demonstrate a fire risk:

  • Smoke or flares coming from the vehicle
  • A consuming smell coming from the vehicle
  • The vehicle makes surprising clamors
  • The vehicle losing power

On the off chance that proprietors see any of these side effects, they ought to quickly quit driving the vehicle and contact Rivian client care.

What proprietors ought to do

Rivian is requesting proprietors from the reviewed vehicles to take their vehicles to a Rivian administration community for investigation. The assistance community will assess the battery pack and supplant it if vital.

The assessment and fix will be for nothing to proprietors. Rivian is additionally proposing to repay proprietors for any towing or rental vehicle costs that they might cause.

How to contact Rivian

Proprietors of the reviewed vehicles can contact Rivian for client assistance at 1-888-438-7381. They can likewise visit the Rivian site for more data.

Rivian is attempting to straightforwardly contact all proprietors of the reviewed vehicles. Proprietors who have not been reached by Rivian ought to in any case contact client support to plan an examination.

Effect of review

The review is a mishap for Rivian, which is as yet a moderately new organization. The organization has confronted creation delays and different difficulties since it started delivering vehicles in September 2021.

The review could likewise harm Rivian’s standing and make it more challenging for the organization to draw in new clients. Nonetheless, Rivian has said that it is sure that it can get the reviewed vehicles fixed rapidly and that the review won’t altogether affect its business.

Eventual fate of Rivian

Rivian is as yet wanting to send off its R1S SUV and RCV conveyance van in the not-so-distant future. The organization is likewise wanting to fabricate a second production line in Georgia.

The review is quite difficult for Rivian, however, the organization has said that it is focused on building protected and dependable electric vehicles. Rivian is likewise attempting to extend its creation limit so it can satisfy the developing need for electric vehicles.


The review of 500 electric vehicles is a difficult issue for Rivian. Be that as it may, the organization has done whatever it takes to address the fire risk and is attempting to get the reviewed vehicles fixed as fast as could be expected.

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