Will Vivo Release a Rollable Phone By The End Of The Next Year? Know More Now!

Will Vivo Release a Rollable Phone By The End Of The Next Year? Know More Now!

It is being observed that Vivo is trying to uplift the game to a new level. They were already done with with the launch of foldable smartphone which was the Vivo X Fold. The company also followed that with a successor which is the Vivo X Fold 2. There were lots of improvements in the smartphones as well. However, now the main focus seems to have shifted to the rollable phones. The article will discuss about this new race towards rollable phones.

Will Vivo Release a Rollable Phone By The End Of The Next Year? Know More Now!


What is Vivo planning to do?

It is seen that there is this race going on between different companies who are trying to release a rollable phone. The Chinese company Vivo is now working with Transsion to release this rollable model that also before Samsung. Transsion Holding and Vivo is not on the run of releasing world’s first rollable screen smartphone. It is also being leaked or rather rumored that they are going to release this phone by the end of the next year.

What rumors do we know about Vivo’s ideas?

It is rumored that the phone will have a very interesting screen. The main feature of the screen will be that it will be able to expand itself. When a button is pressed, the screen will partially expand and it will shrink as well with a press of the button. This is the main idea which is working behind this whole launch of rollable screen.

If you were planning to buy something new and was waiting for the right time, then why not wait for some more? Who knows, you might find a phone which is invisible. There are also experiments going on where you can get access to internet search option in your glasses. So if you wait for a year, you might even find that the companies will be releasing chips which will go inside your brain and you will get a phone installed in your brain. Well, probably someone is already experimenting on it as well.

Who others are planning quite similar as Vivo?

The race towards this rollable screen is seen not just in Vivo or Samsung but in other companies as well. Some companies like LG, TCL, Motorola, etc. is as well showing interest in similar concepts. Transsion Holding, however, has already launched this type of display in which is the Phantom Ultimate prototype. It came with a rollable display which becomes 7.11 inches from 6.55 inches with the press of a button.

If you are wondering what this rollable thing even is then let us tell you it is a idea where the screen will become bigger than the usual size when you press a button. The phone will keep this extra screen folded with the help of technology and will unfold it when you are in need of a bigger screen. This is the simple understand of a foldable screen. There are lots of ideas and models which show similar types of features. However the while phone coming with a foldable screen is quite intriguing to us now.

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