The New Slimmer Version Of PlayStation 5 Is Here. Know More Now!

The New Slimmer Version Of PlayStation 5 Is Here. Know More Now!

If you are wondering when we will get a PlayStation which is lighter, slimmer and easy to handle then your wait is over. This article discusses the new announcement made by Sony regarding its launch of a new variant of PlayStation 5. The company has now released a new variant of the PlayStation which we will be discussing in a detailed manner.

The New Slimmer Version Of PlayStation 5 Is Here. Know More Now!

What is the price of the PlayStation 5 Slim?

The new PlayStation is now available in the market. The price of the new variant is $499.99 which is for the variant of this new launch which is with the disc drive. The one without the disc variant is $449.99 in the US. The launch is not yet confirmed in the Indian market. The company has not yet officially announced anything about its launch in the Indian market thus making it difficult to get the detailed nature of the product.

What is the main AIM of this new version of PS5?

It is seen that everyone is trying to find a better looking and easier to handle stuff in their households nowadays and this seems to be quite suitable for this new slimmer version of PS5. This comes with a newly designed stand which gives a very good look at the whole set and it is also quite easy to handle. The company has now thought and also improved some features as well, which are yet to be officially announced. We have some rumors and solid information as well. The main aim of this whole new update and release of this lighter version of the PS5 is to achieve a better flexibility for the users. The whole idea is to provide users with an easy and smaller form of the PS5.

What more details do we know about PlayStation 5 Slim?

It is seen that the new PlayStation 5 which is the lighter version of the old play station 5 is said to be 25% lighter and in volume it is 30% less when compared to its older variant. One of the most important attractions of this model is that it allows the users to upgrade the non-disc drive. We can now upgrade it with a disc drive by replacing the side panel. The price tag of it is $79.99 in the US.

The PlayStation also comes with an attachable Ultra HD Blu ray Disc Drive. It also has a 1TB SSD with will price more internal storage for the users. This is an update from the previous version of the PS5 which offered only 825GB of storage. The new upgraded model also has a new upgraded design which gives a very slim and better look.

When and where is this new variant of PS5 available?

The new PlayStation comes with a metal ring which alone is priced as $29.99. The console is probably going to be very powerful, just like its older version. However, we are not aware of any feature update which was done by the company. The console is available for purchase in the US from this November. However, there is no news about its release in Indian or other global markets as well. The company is expected to release this in other parts of the world or rather the global market by the end of the year.

However, it  is nowhere officially announced when the company will be releasing the model in Indian or the global market. This is making it more hard to interpret the feature update which might have taken place in the new slimmer version of the PS5. If you were planning to buy a PlayStation, why not wait a little bit and buy this new slimmer version of the PS5. It is quite good when we go with the design and it is quite easy to handle due to its flexible weight and body structure.

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