Will Apple Release a Low-Cost MackBook Series For The Education Sector?

We all know that Apple’s MAckBooks are quite expensive when compared to any other products. In this year itself during the WWDC 2023 event MackBook Air 15 was launched which have a starting price of 1,34,000 rupees. We have a huge competition in PC market with a huge number of affordable PC which includes Google’s Chromebooks and many other Windows laptops. However, it is rumored that Apple is planning to take this rivalry seriously and proceed with making MackBooks cheap.

Will Apple Release a Cheap Mackbook Series For The Education Sector

According to some new reports and rumors Apple is planning to launch new cheap low-cost MacBook which will help them compete with the models which are available. The other models, specifically Chromebook, which Apple wants to beat, will be the main aim of this project. It is also rumored that by the end of the next year we might get to know more about this new upcoming series.

The main focus of this new low cost series is focusing on the education sectors. The aim of the new series is to provide low-cost laptops to the students with less budgets. It is often seen that students have lower budgets when compared to other sectors thus leading to choosing other products instead of Apple.

It is rumored that Apple is going to launch this new series by the end of the year 2024 which will help the educational sector to get access to the Mackbooks which are for now very costly. Bringing down the price and making it student friendly will also lead to a huge section of student buying MackBooks because of its efficient nature.

However if we are going to get something which is low-cost and budget friendly it will also decrease the quality of the product. In compared to the materials used in MackBook Air series this new series will see some changes in the quality of the product. We are not exactly sure of the changes or the quality difference due to lack of information.

A huge section of the student bodies uses Windows laptops and Chromebooks which are very efficient and quite budget friendly. The price of these products are very low when we compare the same type of features in a MackBook. According to some reports it is noted that a huge number of around 13.9 million Chromebooks were shipped during the year 2019 which makes a huge user. While in 2020 a huge unit of around 30.4 million were seen to be shipped. In recent year if 2021 this numbers are around 33.5 million Chromebooks which shows the huge number of user base.

Even though no information about this new MackBook low cost series is properly or officially released but it is expected to go under $1,000 which roughly in Indian rupees is 80,000. thus showing the huge difference between MackBook Air 15. The main target market of Apple is to focus on the Chromebook users. For more information regarding this series we just need to wait patiently.

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