When  And On What Is Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Sale? What More Do We Know

When  And On What Is Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale? What More Do We Know?

The Big Billion Days Sale of Flipkart will start soon and if you are interested in knowing then we are here. This article will talk about the big sale which is going to start soon on Flipkart. We have not yet been able to confirm all the details, but here we are with the latest news about the sale. This article will discuss the latest news as well as rumors to keep you updated and entertained.

When  And On What Is Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Sale? What More Do We Know

What is the Flipkart sale about?

As we all guessed, this will be the sale which is seen to be offered by Flipkart just before Diwali. It is seen that every year a huge discount sale is offered by the e-commerce platform Flipkart. They tend to give huge discounts on electronic products, which also include huge deals on phones. This sale is quite interesting for those who wait to buy on sale.

Which types of products will lead the sale?

So the latest news is that Flipkart will have this big sale, which is the Big Billion Sale. This sale will feature a huge number of products with lots of discounts. It is rumored that during this sale the products like iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel models, etc. There will be a huge discount on the whole section of phones, which is very much confirmed as of now.

What about offers on iPhones?

We were not able to get proper official details regarding this sale. We were not able to find a fixed official date on which the sale would go live. However, we are able to gather some information on the sale offers that Flipkart is going to offer during the sale. For the iPhone, the main model which is going to be up for sale until now is the iPhone 13 model. We have not yet observed any other models in the teaser or deal section. We are going to update the news as the information gets revealed.

Which other mobile models will take part in Flipkart Sale?

The teaser page shows us different models of phones from different companies which will be an active part of the sale. There are quite a lot of models which will be up for sale according to the teaser. In the list we have Samsung Galaxy F54, Samsung Galaxy A34, Samsung Galaxy A23, Samsung Galaxy F13, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. In Samsung itself, we have quite a variety of phones.

There are many models, like from Poco, we have Poco X5 Pro and Poco F5. Oppo is taking part as well,  we have Oppo Reno 10. other models which will be present in the sale are the Pixel 7a, Pixel 7 Pro, Redmi Note 12 Pro and more. We will also be seeing two Motorola sets, which are Motorola Edge 40 and Motorola G54.

What about the price and other details?

The exact price details and offers and discounts will be revealed as a whole after almost 10 days. We can also observe that the release date of the sale offer is also listed on the website. They have informed the users of when the offers will be available. They have listed the dates for each models on the website on which date the sale will go live. These models are basically 5G and will be a huge profit for the users to buy during this sale.

On electronics the platform is quite obviously promising to give about up to 80% discount and the minimum being as high as 50%. The wide screen monitor will have discounts as high as 70%, while the keyboard is said to start only from 99 rupees, amazing right? The earphones will start at just 499 rupees, which is mind-blowing. We will see also see such exclusive and extensive discounts on other electronic products as well as all other kinds of products as well.

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