WhatsApp Is Now a Shopping App As Well? New Feature Updates For The Business Accounts In WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Is Now a Shopping App As Well? New Feature Updates For The Business Accounts In WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is seeing new features and updates in a very prominent manner. We saw the update of the option ‘Channels’ in WhatsApp a few days back. Now on Wednesday we came know about some new features which are basically for businesses on WhatsApp and also for individuals. These new feature updates information are directly provided by Mark Zuckerberg which we will be gathering as a content of the article.

WhatsApp Is Now a Shopping App As Well? New Feature Updates For The Business Accounts In WhatsApp.

When and where did this information come from?

The main goal of the event in which this information was revealed was to increase the involvement of the businesses. WhatsApp have revealed that they are going to focus on increasing the involvement of the business accounts to the other individual accounts. The features were announced during the event WhatsApp’s Conversations which was held in Mumbai.

What updates will we have?

There will be three main feature updates which will greatly benefit businesses to spread and get proper recognition and verification. The three features are firstly Payment, Flows and lastly Meta Verified. These feature updates are mainly for business accounts.

What will be the update on Payments?

The first update on Payment will allow users to make purchases very easily and direct. The businesses will be able to complete their process of payment with the users just through the conversation. The option of payment was already available, but now we have something different. It seems that users will be able to add different items from business accounts to their shopping cart in WhatsApp. They can further proceed with the payment using various methods. The options for the users for completing the payment process are UPI, debit card and credit card as well.

What is this about in the Flows?

Secondly, the option of Flow will allow the users to have a wide range of options for businesses to provide different types of services to the users. The main idea of this update is to create customized services for users which will be provided by the businesses. Now, businesses will be able to provide a variety of services along with an option of customizing further the available services.

What about Meta Verification update?

The last feature update which we are already aware about is the option of meta verified. We were already aware that this option is a paid service which is provided by Meta on two different platforms, which are Instagram and Facebook. However, there was no such thing until now in WhatsApp. Now, WhatsApp will introduce the feature to business accounts to give them more authenticity.

What is the main AIM of these updates?

The accounts will be verified just like on Instagram and Facebook. They will be provided with the ‘blue tick’ which will further show their authenticity. This will protect the business and will also help the users from scams. As we have seen lots of scam news on WhatsApp, this verification will help the business grow more legitimately and stop impersonations as well.

There will be lots of options, one of which is the premium option which will provide a premium customized look to the WhatsApp page. It will go further also have an option of multi device management. There are much more to this which we will soon get to experience. Now, WhatsApp, it feels like, has become a shopping app as well, along with being a chatting app. It also supports a payment option, so it is quite a mixture of everything as I see it.

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