WhatsApp is introducing new Channels feature like in Telegram and Instagram.

The “Channels” feature that WhatsApp is working on is yet not available for beta users as same as Instagram and Telegram Channels.

The Channels in WhatsApp is a new feature for broader Society those broadcasting on the map. It is a new feature that functions like Instagram and Telegram. We should wait to get more information on this.

WhatsApp has been working on its new feature called ‘Channels’. In Future we can discuss it individual feature which is going to release 12 new features and emphasize each feature. It works similar like Telegram channels that can be subscribed to and get the relevant recent updates.

WhatsApp Channels:

These Channels are not bewildered with Communities which give you a chance to make larger groups over a sub-group, but it is more like a people broadcasting tool. Once you are allowed permission to get updates that interests you and the only change is that followers can react and vote, admins can send messages.

As per the latest news there are 12 new features are implementing in WhatsApp Channels, let’s look some of them: 

  • Full width messaging interface on the app will be in WhatsApp channels. There is no related image but soon can be see it.
  • The green tick that displays next to the name which refers to verified in WhatsApp Channels. The users get to know which channels are authentic but the process for verification has not been announced yet.
  • It displays total followers under the channel name. Obviously, this will be an approximate count for large following channels. For precise count you can go to the channel info screen.
  • On the info screen, it will also display about the channel.
  • You can also mute WhatsApp Channels same as groups and chats. Mute notifications button will be available along with Channel name and to access easily mute toggle button also added by the WhatsApp.
  • It also comes with the support of handles. So, In spite of mobile number or name your Handle(username) will be displayed.
  • WhatsApp will also support shortcuts that easily let you forward or share the channel and unfollow people.
  • To access flexibly for people to find channels, these will be made public.  Users can search for the topic they wish and can find easily and if there are existing channels they can join directly.
  • WhatsApp is also allowing its users to report channels to the feedback team. Channels can be deactivated which public cannot be able to follow or join it, messages sent to it will also be erased. 

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