What Will Be The Price Of Google Pixel 8 Series?

What Will Be The Price Of Google Pixel 8 Series?

As we know, Google Pixel 8 series will soon release its detailed information regarding the price and all other features during this Google event on October 4. We are already very close to this event which is just a month away from our eyes and ears. However, we are getting to know lots of rumors regarding this very event and specifically about the new Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. So recently, another new report which features one such rumor about the price of the same has taken quite the spotlight.

What Will Be The Price Of Google Pixel 8 Series

What are old rumors?

A report has leaked pricing details of this very Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro along with much more information. This article narrows down all those rumors and gives you some details regarding this long awaiting release. So earlier rumors said that the Pixel 8 series will most likely only support eSIM only but that might not be case. We have reasons to believe that it might also support physical SIM card slots on the phone.

What will be the price range of Pixel 8?

The phone, Pixel 8 Pro, is also expected to come with a night-sight video. Those are all old rumors, but recently we have come to know about its possible pricing, storage and color options. So it is said in the leaked report that the price of Pixel 8 will probably lie around EUR 874.25 which sums up to 78,400 Indian rupees which is for the 128 GB storage variant. The other variant, which is 256 GB, will probably cost around EUR 949.39 which roughly stands for around 85,200 Indian rupees. The colour options according to this report will probably have four options. It will be offered in rose, mint, obsidian, and hazel color.

What will be the price range of Pixel 8 Pro?

The Pixel 8 Pro will have a little higher price when compared, as we all know. The 128 GB storage variant of Pixel 8 Pro will probably cost EUR 1,235.72 which sums up to around 1,10,900 Indian rupees. On the other hand, the 256 GB variant will probably cost EUR 1,309.95 which again in Indian rupees is 1,17,500. We have one variant which is a 512 GB storage model which will cost EUR 1,461.24 which goes to 1,31,100 Indian rupees. There are probably be four colour options, which are obsidian, mint, bay and porcelain colors.

What else do we know?

All these prices include VAT, while excluding it the costs decrease a little depending on the model and storage. It is also rumored that the series will feature eSIM along with our traditional physical SIM card slot. However this information is quite contrasting to some other informant who are in support of only eSIM. We already talked about the night sight video which will again improve the captures during night time.

We have yet to confirm any of this information, which will only be confirmed after 4th October. However, we have high expectations and hope for the new series. People are quite eagerly waiting for the release and all we need to do now is to just wait for a month now.

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