What Are The Websites That Can Help To Write My Assignments?

What Are The Websites That Can Help To Write My Assignments?

This article should begin with the question whether you are a writer or a student? If you are any of these, then this article is just handmade for you. We often face problems regarding getting to our writings. So this article is here to help you with assignment and other writings by providing you with nice websites which will help you with getting your resources and other materials. These websites will give you authentic support which can help you throughout the process of writing your works.

What Are The Websites That Can Help To Write My Assignments?


The first website which is of my personal choice and is one most prominently used website is JSTOR. It is one of the most authentic website which can provide you with such essential materials for your write up. Even if you are just wanting to just read about one or the other topic you can always use this app. This is also a very essential app for publishing your works as well. The  authenticity of this app is no where in question and you should easily trust the materials which are posted here. It is not just my works that you should trust but rather you should trust it because of the plagiarism-less materials that you get through this website.

Google Scholar

The second app which you can trust is the Google Scholar which again is one of the most trusted website through which you can access many other websites with authentic materials. the materials that you get through this website however should be double checked because of its not verified authentication. However this is much more bigger storage of materials when compared to any other website. This is a part of the Google search but this is part is highly helpful for those who are searching for documents or research materials.


The third website is highly helpful for those who are interested in health or medical related assignments, which is PubMed. It is one of the useful for those who are in the medical field and want help with their work. It also is not just for the medical students but the humanities students as well. As we are living in this multi disciplinary work we often get our field intersecting while working. So this can help you with the materials and works which are more medical related.

IEEE Xplore

Now we can more on to our technical peoples. The website IEEE Xplore can help people who are to write assignments or works related to technical or engineering field. They contain a huge number of data base  related to engineering field, computer science and even other technological fiddles. You can get access to authentic articles and materials through this website. It is also one of the most trusted website where you can trust the materials presented as they show a proper plagiarism less content.


We all know of this one website which is Wikipedia. Though people have argued extensively and they still argue that this website is never to be trusted. However I possess a different opinion. The material in it even if you cannot trust doesn’t mean you cannot use the app. If you find whatever written in it is quite good you can for sure trust it. You can always check for the reference section as it will have all the other documents listed which might further help you. You can also not trust the website and still use the reference section and check out whichever document is listed as they might lead to something which is authentic as well as important.


The next website is Scribd, which is one of the most important websites. This is also a subscription based website. It can also be used without subscription as well for a huge amount of material. However, certain number of materials to download you need a subscription. If you are a professional writer or even a student you can easily go for the subscription as it is not that costly. You can download the documents offline if you have subscriptions. If there is not subscription still a huge amount of data is free for you to use online. It is as well, one of the most authentic websites which you can use.

There are many more academic websites which you can easily use to find help for your writing like Springer, Elsevier, etc. However you should also be careful while you select any material that you get from any of the above mentioned websites. You need check for its proper authentication as there is always a change of getting trapped in plagiarized documents. However you can also trust those which shows proper citations and are also published properly with all the detailed information.


These are the websites which you can easily use for your work. It is also important that you provide proper citation when you further use any material as your reference. You should also be aware of that paraphrasing anyone’s work and naming it as your own also falls under plagiarism. So you must be aware of how you are using a work. The end result of the work should be plagiarism free and it should be cited very nicely so that other people further can use your work for their works.

Even if you are not a student or writer still you can use all this websites if you are interested in reading about different topics. Most of these websites contain topics related to vast number of fields and coming from one particular field is not the problem. You can just search for the topic which you want to read about. This will be enough for you to get the needed materials. If one of this website don’t provide with the materials then jump to other and try them all. It is important for you to find the website which will suite you the most. It is also important that you keep in mind the type of material you are searching for as these websites are somewhat different from one another.

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