What Are The Best Photo Editing Apps? Know More Now!!

What Are The Best Photo Editing Apps? Know More Now!!

A huge number of people nowadays are interested in photo editing. It is seen that even if you are not professional still we often want to edit a photo or two sometime. This article is for those who are interested in photo editing. This article will talk about some apps which will help you get hold of an app which will suit your taste and help your photo editing. We often get confused about which app to chose and this article will help you choose it. Choosing a photo editing app is all about your preferences.

What Are The Best Photo Editing Apps? Know More Now!!


The first app which you can explore is Lightroom. So, this is an extended part of Adobe which we will be talking about later. It is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud but it is just made for photographers. It can help you very easily to organize your photographs and get very raw support in editing. It gives you certain advance features as well, like color correction and also grading. As it is a part of Creative cloud, you can also use it to keep your works organized. The editing in this app is quite raw and is seen to be very simple.


Let us take the second app, which is Adobe. You must have heard about it, which can be used for video editing as well. However, Adobe Photoshop can be used just for photo editing. It is one of the apps which is used worldwide and which can be used with all its advanced features. A huge number of professionals use it due to its deep and advanced features. This is a paid app and if you are not a professional and on a budget, then getting the subscription and working with it might become difficult. The tools offered by the app are quite extensive. It offers healing tools, editing in different layers, and retouching. As we all know, Adobe is also connected with Creative cloud, thus it can provide you with a cloud option which in turn will keep your works organized and safe.

Affinity Photo

If you are wondering if there is an app which will be able to fit your tight budget with the same advance features, then this third app is for you. The app Affinity Photo, can be seen as an affordable alternative to Adobe. There is no compromise in the advance features and almost everything is similar. Whatever Adobe offers in its subscriptions is no more than what Affinity offers at a much cheaper price. The app offers layer editing, huge number of tools and advance selecting. It also has a feature of panorama stitching and can also support PSD files. It also has a feature of merging HDR .  It offers some of the most advanced and professional features with a costly subscription.


If you are interested in AI and photography at the same time, then this next app is one of the most interesting options which you can explore. Luminar is an AI powered app which brings the power of AI and photography together. This app can help you with photo editing with its AI features. It is mainly an AI riven app. So you can opt for making complex edits using complex features. This app can also be helpful if you are new to editing and have little knowledge of it. This app can help you in editing like replacement of the Sky, augmented sky, etc. It can help you to make your photo more enhanced and beautiful with a few clicks only. It can help you with simple editing as well if you are not interested in AI. However, apps are better for people who are interested in bringing AI and photography together.

DxO PhotoLab

If you are interested in doing a much quicker editing and making the picture look good, then here is an app which will make everything very easy. DxO PhotoLab is yet another AI-powered photo editing app. However, this app is basically known for its faster results. It can be basically used to edit your photos faster and quicker. You can use the AI tool present in this app and automatically adjust whatever is needed in the photo. Though known for its quick fix, but you can also use it for advance editing as well, which includes Prime technologies and ClearView technologies.  It includes color corrections and smart lighting as well as its advance features. You can also customize your setting and use it to edit your photos, which can also make the whole process very quickly and easy.


The last app is a totally free app which you can use if you are a beginner and want to explore the world of photo editing. GIMP is an open source app which can be used as an alternative to all those other apps which require subscription. This app might be a little short on the advance features but it is one of the best free apps. It is good for those photo editors who are on a budget and are now not interested in spending money on subscriptions to photo editing apps.


These are some of the apps which you can use. Among the six apps mentioned, only a few hold a free features position. However, if you are aiming to be professional, then you can opt for the apps with a low budget subscription plan. Lastly, if you are a professional, then you can go for the apps with a high budget subscription plan. Though the apps claim to have no difference but they obviously present in one or the other way. Moreover, editing photos should not be taken as something negative. We often have the misconception of making an edited photo as something artificial and fake. This should be the thinking and work which is editing also holds originality in its own ways. The work of editing is not something which can be done without any effort. Photo editing, as well, requires effort and skills which should not be mistreated. People passionate about editing should explore these apps and find their match.

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