JioAirFiber Plans And More Details About Its Plans

JioAirFiber Plans And More Details About Its Plans

As  we were all waiting for JioAirFiber, we have solid news which will make you happy and excited at the same time. We have got some official announcements to share about the internet service provided by Reliance Jio. We will discuss the plans offered by JioAirFiber and in which part of the country this service is available .

JioAirFiber Plans And More Details About Its Plans

What do we know about this service by Jio?

The JioAirFiber service is mainly designed for smart home services, high-speed broadband and, lastly, as a whole, home entertainment. The official announcement which we came across states that initially these services are not available in all parts of the country. The current status of places which will be offered these services are mainly for now limited to only eight cities. These are just available in the cities and not throughout a whole state. The eight states are Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Bangaluru, Pune and Mumbai.

What problems did Jio face previously?

It is very hard for companies to reach each and every household in Indian scenarios. However, it is seen that Jio is extensively trying to make that possible. In one of the statistics we came to know that over 200 million locations are covered by optical fiber infrastructure. The main problem seems to be the final distance from the exact location of the house, which makes it difficult to connect all the customers. However, was trying to cover all of it, which till now has covered around 1.5 million kilometers.

What will the upper hand of this new kind of service by Reliance?

Thus, this time, Jio is determined to cover all the distances, making the physical wired system unnecessary for JioAirFiber. They are promising to provide the best internet through this service, which will provide fiber like service but without any need for wired connections. This new system after implementing it throughout the country will be a huge success due to its wirelessness nature.

The users just need to firstly subscribe to it and then simply plug it in. This will create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot in their home which will provide ultra high speed internet which will have 5g technology. Even though it is just available in only eight cities, this will soon change and will cover the whole nation according to Reliance.

What do we need to do to get JioAirFiber?

To get this connection, the customer needs to check its availability and then proceed with the payment of installation and subscription plans. These bookings can be done through WhatsApp, official website or even by going to an offline Jio store. After registering, which requires a few easy steps, Jio themselves will inform you of the availability and plans of your house or building.

To get this exclusive and intriguing offers we will have to wait a little if you are not exactly from those eight cities. Most probably you are not and wondering if these services are there in our place. All you need to do is go to their official website and search if the service is available. If it is available, you are good to go. However, if it is not available , all you need to do is wait. According to Reliance Jio, they will soon try to spread this service throughout the country.

What are the subscription plans?

The plans of the services are seen to be divided into two parts in total, we have six plans. One category of the plans is AirFiber plans. This category has three plans within them. The plans are for 599, 899 and 1199 rupees respectively. They offer 100 Mb per sec internet speed along with other benefits like 14 OTT apps and 550 digital channels. These OTT apps also include JioCinema Premium, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The second type of category is the AirFiber Max plans. These plans are for 1499, 2499 and 3999 respectively. This are the plans which offer upto almost 1GB per sec internet service speed. Along with the highest speed we can get, we will also be provided with all the other benefits like mentioned above, 550 digital channels and 14 OTT apps.

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