YouTuber Unboxing iPhone Original, Paid Rs.32 Lakh to Buy it – Marques Brownlee

Anyone remember how an iPhone 1 will look like? I know it is almost impossible to find one, but one YouTuber MKBHD bought iPhone 1 in an auction for whooping amount of $40,000 (Rs.32 Lakhs Approx)

Below is a photo how iPhone 1 is like, take a quick look!


The original iPhone was launched in June 2007 by Steve Jobs. This latest unboxing revealed some interesting stuff about this iPhone and shows us what is there in the box, there are some existing this in the box which we don’t get a chance to see in the latest iPhones.

The box comes with a iPhone which can be seen wrapped in plastic, the latest iPhones are not packed this way as the Apple’s commitment towards the sustainability. Along with that, the package also have a wired earphone set, a black micro-fibre cloth, a few stickers and a user manual. This is an AT&T variant, so we see a big SIM card as well in the slot. It also got a charging cable and adaptor.


It was also seen that setting up this iPhone is also not an easy job, there was also no option to change a wallpaper as it doesn’t have an Apple Store installed. The original iPhone also have a headphone jack which the brand discontinued after iPhone 7.

This phone was originally released in 2007 for a price of $499 (Rs. 41,000 Approx)

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