Xiaomi Smart Brand 8 Active Is Here In India Now. Know More Now!

Xiaomi released its new smartwatch on 5th October, while a day ago the Xiaomi Smart Brand 8 was launched. The launch has opened the buying options for the users as well. This article will talk in detail about the specifications of the product and even the price and other things. We will be providing you with the buying availability of the product.

Xiaomi Smart Brand 8 Active Is Here In India Now

What is this product news about?

The Xiaomi Smart Brand 8 Active is now available in the market after the launch of the product yesterday on 5th October. It is now available in five colors, which are Blue, Olive, Pink, Ivory and lastly Black. These color options are available and with that we also are provided with a rectangular dial and is of only 14.9g weight. The model comes with a screen of 1.47 inch TFT display. The screen has the feature of 450 nits of peak brightness and also has a resolution of 172 x 320 pixels.

What are the detailed features of Xiaomi Smart Brand 8?

There are many more features when we focus on the display itself. It has an anti-fingerprint quality. The watch provides us with 50 sports and fitness modes which also comes with many health monitoring options. The smartwatch has a SpO2 tracker which also can be active 24×7. Along with all these, it also comes with a sleep monitor and a stress manager. For our female readers we have the latest news. It comes with a feature for tracking your menstrual cycle as well. This option will help female users to track their menstrual health as well.

The watch comes with 100 watch faces which open up a huge number of options to choose from. The combination of 50 more sports modes can lead to a huge number of options which you can explore in the model. When we move on to its battery power, it comes with a 210mAh battery. It is claimed by the company that it can provide 14 days of usage if it is used in a normal manner. The company also claims that, with the help of magnetic charging, the smartwatch can reach from 0% charge to a full charge within just 120 minutes.

Is there any more details regarding the smartwatch?

The weight of the smartwatch is just 14.9g without the strap of the watch which also gives a lightweightness to the watch. It can be connected to iOS 12.0 running iPhone along with Androids running on Android 8.0. It also offers another connectivity which is through Bluetooth. It can be controlled from your phone with the help of the Mi Fitness App.

The smartwatch is also waterproof. If you are a rain loving person in this season of beautiful weather, then you can just move ahead without any worry, wearing this watch straight into the rain and enjoy your moment. You can use this watch to track your health, support your fitness routine, and even use it for entertainment purposes. If you are tired always tired of carrying your phone during your workouts, this can help you track your fitness routine and even give you the freedom from your phone.

What is the price of Xiaomi Smart Brand 8 Active?

If you are wondering about the price of the smartwatch, is quite low. The Xiaomi Smart Brand 8 Active is now available in India at just rupees 2,574. The product is also available in India. Xiaomi seems to have collaborated with AliExpress to provide proper delivery to the Indian customers as well. These were also released globally and are also available in other parts of the global market. These watches seem to be one of the best options when you look at the price and the features they provide within this much money. If you are waiting to buy the product, just get yourself one by ordering it now.

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