Will WhatApp Soon Have Ads And Subscription Option As Well

Will WhatApp Soon Have Ads And Subscription Option As Well?

News related to Meta always either satisfies us or disappoints us. This article will bring you one such news article related to Meta. The decision is left to you to decide whether it is disappointing or satisfying. There is conflict on whether to bring ads on WhatsApp or not. It is currently in discussion which will in future decide the idea of bringing adds in WhatsApp as well.

Will WhatApp Soon Have Ads And Subscription Option As Well

What do we know till now about ads in WhatsApp?

Meta is currently talking about modifying their terms to introduce these ads which will be present in the conversation list. While using WhatsApp, if this is implemented, we will encounter adds in the list of conversations with contacts on WhatsApp . This will become the new money earning means of Met, which seems to be the exact plan.

The idea of making money from adds is already present in other Meta platforms like Instagram or Facebook. WhatsApp was a platform which was simple and at least cost free for us. However, now Meta, putting ads on this platform means turning it into a money-earning platform on a larger scale.

What more features of WhatsApp is coming?

When they implement this new feature of adds along with it, we will also see the version of WhatsApp which does not have adds. They will also add this idea of subscription, which will not show any adds. The report released by some people working with this also said that this idea is not yet fixed and will take time to decide. This whole idea of ads and subscription is yet again in debate.

We saw during June their employees using the new upcoming AI tools. The tools which include features like ChatGPT. This chapbots are planned for WhatsApp and Messenger which will converse using different personas.

What is going on with WhatsApp’s privacy policy?

After introducing a new privacy policy in 2021, consumer bodies across Europe complained for more transparency from their side. To this, WhatsApp agrees to be more open and transparent. It was also pointed out that WhatsApp is violating the bloc’s laws by the European Consumer Organization and the European Network of consumer authorities.

In reply to this, WhatsApp did agree to explain the whole new policy to become more transparent. They have also clarified that no user information is being shared by WhatsApp to other Meta platforms. The personal details according to WhatsApp is just within the same platform is safe from all other platforms.

According to the Justice commissioner, it is the right of the users to get to know what they are signing up for before using it. This led to a complaint which made WhatsApp to be more open. It is the right of the user to choose whether to use the platform or not after reading all the detailed terms and conditions. The company will not be harming any users with their terms and conditions keeping in dark to which WhatsApp agreed.

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