Will The New Rules Of Snapchat Protect Teens

Will The New Rules Of SnapChat Protect Teens?

Snap, a social media app shared on Thursday, that they are going to increase protection for teens using the app. The app is going to roll out in-app warning along with other safety measures to offer much more strong protection to the users. The main focused age group which these warnings is created for is between the age group of 13-17 years. These in-app warnings will help to try to protect the users from almost all types of online risks.

Will The New Rules Of Snapchat Protect Teens

What are the new rules of Snap trying to do?

There is always a huge platform which will have lots of content. There is always a change of teens falling pray to these inappropriate contents. The warnings and all other safety measures will help the Snap app to protect the users and show more safer communications and search results. The content will be much safer for people aged between 13 to 17 years.

The statement which was released by the Sap also declared that they are going to increase knowledge and education system about all this stuff. The platform also has a Strike System which will be a much stronger force to control the number of inappropriate accounts.

What is the main AIM of the new rules?

It is seen through surveys and statistics that India has a huge number of Snap users. It is seen that India infact has the highest number of SnapChat users. Among these users a huge portion of the users are from Gen Z generation and some more from millennials. There are a huge number of users who were born after 1996.

The whole idea of an in-app pop-up warning is to send a pop-up warning to a teen users if someone unknown to their social circle is trying to contact them or add them as a friend. The pop-up will come if the users is in no way connect or don’t have any mutual friend or isn’t infact in the contact list either. This whole scenario will bring this pop-up warning sign which will warn the user beforehand.

What is this Strike System?

The whole idea of Strike System is to strike out or remove all the accounts which are reportedly promote or market age-inappropriate content for the user. The user will be immune from the content which is inappropriate according to the internal reports or observation. The accounts which will be observed to continuously trying to circumvent these rules will eventually get banned based on the new rules and system.

What outcomes are they expecting?

The Snap, along with Young Leaders for Active Citizenship, will cooperate to gather to also focus on online safety, responsible sharing and mental health. They will form a partnership to gather resources to focus on these issues and create awareness.

The new features will lead to some openness among teens about online safety and will also protect them. The whole aim of this project is to create a safe place for the teen users to become create and feel safe while using the app as a whole. The well being of users or Indian users is one of the concerns.

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