Will The Eu Make Life Of Tech Companies Difficult With Some New Rules

Will The Eu Make Life Of Tech Companies Difficult With Some New Rules?

On Wednesday a new list which consists of the names of the services are being provided by the European Commission which tells us who will fall under the Digital Markets Act. This new Digital Market App was said to be coming into effect from March of next year. This Act will make a very strict rules which will consist of the dos and don’ts for all the tech companies. The main aim of this act is to create a much more fair market for these tech companies.

Will The Eu Make Life Of Tech Companies Difficult With Some New Rules

What exactly is happening?

All the listed companies will get six months after the list is published. The companies can very well understand if their companies fall under this Act. The companies are provided with almost six months to make any necessary changes required. All the tech companies will have to follow all the dos and don’ts according to this new rule.

The main aim of the European Union is to provide a fare market for all companies and move on from some dominating ones. The idea is to move on to building very strong regulations for the big tech companies to keep the European users in a safe place. It will also further help to encourage competition in the US giant-dominated industry.

What did the Commissioner of EU say?

The European Union is currently talking with the organizations. Thierry Breton , the commissioner, revealed that a discussion is going on about compliance with the companies. However, it will depend on the solutions. If the solution does not suit the EU, they will move on with talking strong actions. They are not going to hesitate from taking any kind of big and strong actions against them.

According to the information which I received from AFP, EU has already named seven companies. They have pointed out how these companies have self-declared revenue. The user figures are to be declared as ‘gatekeepers’. We can find some big names in the list of seven. There is Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook owner), Alphabet(Google’s parent), Microsoft, ByteDance (TikTok’s owner), and Samsung.

What will happen now?

The whole tag of a gatekeeper is only given when the a service provider has more than or over 45 million monthly active users. Along with that , they also have 10,000 yearly active business users in the EU. The whole act is going to affect the whole tech market and specifically big companies, is a huge manner.

It will be seen that after the implication of the rules, one company will not be able to favor their own service over their other competitors. For example, we experience a default choice on our phones or laptops. These user choices will be respected and the user will be free to choose any despite the company of the product. For example, the users of Microsoft have experienced that they have the freedom to use any browser as their default setting.

It is also said by the act that no companies will be allowed to combine any kind of personal information provided by the users with their other services. For example, the information we provide in one service will have no connection with our usage of the other services.

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