Will Realme Launch a New Phone By Next Year With a Triple-Set-Up Back Camera? Realme GT 5 Pro

Will Realme Launch a New Phone By Next Year With a Triple-Set-Up Back Camera? Realme GT 5 Pro?

So if you are a Realme fan and wondering when they are going to release something new. Here we are with some new and interesting news. We are going to talk about the new smartphone which is rumored to have a camera which is quite fascinating. We will reveal all the latest rumors in the article and talk about the new model which will probably be released by Realme. To et this phone we need to wait a little bit which may be the next year. We may expect something to happen by next year.

Realme GT 5 Pro

What do we know about the phone?

We have some news from the company itself which confirms our doubt whether there will be a phone or not. So the company has released a teaser poster which features a phone which will have a triple rear camera setup. There is no further proper megapixel details about the phone or other features of the phone. From the teaser we can only see the camera and just the visual things from the teaser poster.

What will be the important part of the phone in this new release of Realme?

The phone seems to have a very strong camera setting as the company itself hinted that the camera will have a very high optical zoom capability. The poster showed a phone with two three cameras. You also have two different camera rings along with a rectangular unit. This whole three set is inside a large circular island. The whole image of the back camera seems to be quite highly equipped. The whole thing seemed to have three cameras.

It is hinted by the company that the camera will be the main attraction of the phone. It seems like it is going to feature a huge zoom quality. The whole seemed to be quite beautiful as well. Now, according to the rumors, the phone could be the Realme GT 5 Pro which the company is going to release soon. Some other rumors also hold the information that it may also come with optical image stabilisation and the camera will probably be a 64 megapixel OmniVision OV64B periscope telephoto camera.

What other features can we expect?

The optical zoom of the camera is supposed to be 3x,  which is quite interesting to explore in a Realme set. It is also rumored to have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, which is again quite good. The phone is also rumored to have a curved display with a resolution of 2K. The storage of the phone is said to be an inbuilt 1TB storage while the ram of the phone will be 24 GB.

Will this follow the footsteps of Realme GT 5?

The Realme GT 5 was launched in China a few months back and this new phone wil probably be its predecessor. It has two charging variants along with two types of charging support. The one in 4,600mAh battery has the charging power of a 240W wired fast charging option. The other option is a 5,240mAh battery which has 150W fast charging support. The Realme GT 5 Pro, which is probably the one released by the company, will join this series, according to some rumors.

The rumors are rumors, however we do have some strong evidence that the camera feature of the phone is going to be quite fascinating. There is no other information about the phone. However, we can observe from the poster that the phone is going to have a curved screen and a very beautiful back camera.  The date of the phone seems to be not too late. It might be released as soon as next year. The phone benefits those who love Realme and beautiful camera combinations as well.

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