Will Chromebook Have 10 Years Of Automatic Updates

Will Chromebook Have 10 Years Of Automatic Updates?

Google is now updating their Chromebooks in a huge manner. They are planning to increase the number of years of updates. There is recent news and even official announcements which  mention that Chromebook will get regular updates. This article will talk about this new feature in detail.

Will Chromebook Have 10 Years Of Automatic Updates

What do we know about he new feature of updates?

There is news and an official announcement which says that the Chromebooks will now get proper automatic updates. These updates are going to be popping in every four weeks. The Chromebooks which no longer receive updates will have strong in-built security features. The whole idea of creating such features and efforts is to make it more safe, which in return will provide more security to the users.

Along with this, we also came to know that the repair process would also get a lot easier. As we were introduced to ChromeOS updates, the repair process will work much faster for Chromebooks. The whole idea of the updates which will be provided regularly was announced by Google through their blog post. It was revealed to us on September 14th .

What more features can we expect to get updated?

Another feature which we will also encounter is the energy efficient feature. There will be updates regarding the adaptive charging technology. This new charging feature will ensure more battery health and will improve the energy efficiency, making it more convenient for users.

What is the main AIM of this feature of 10 years of update?

The Chromebook was first introduced to us in the market in the year 2012. The Chromebooks which are released in 2021 or after that will get automatic updates for 10 years. These Chromebooks will have these updates after the platform’s release which, will start in 2024. The updates earlier were given for 8 years for those who used ChromeOS. However, now we will see updates for 10 years.

The main aim of the company is to increase their security features in this update. They have also said that the Chromebook users who have models released before 2021 can as well increase their automatic updates for up to 10 years. The main focus of this feature update is to provide with more security features and updates.

Chromebooks have the option of repairing their models through two programs, which are currently either through the  Chromebook certified repairs organizations or the Chromebook Repair Program itself. However, this will also see some changes. We will now get to repair the Chromebooks without a physical USB key, but only in the authorized repair centers. This will also be seen specifically in the US.

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