What Do We Know About Acer’s e-Bike Muvi 125 4G

What Do We Know About Acer’s e-Bike MUVI 125 4G?

We all tend to get instead of new technologies. This article is something related to the Electric Vehicle wave. The new upcoming age of introducing electric vehicles for smooth mobility, many companies are introducing their own innovations into the market. This article will talk about the new EV introduced by Acer, which is the e-bike MUVI 125 4G.

What Do We Know About Acer’s e-Bike Muvi 125 4G


What the main AIM of Acer?

The company is a huge Taiwanese tech company which is mainly known for its PCs and accessories. This is the first step of the company towards the EV segment. This seems to be a very big step for the company. The company revealed its e-bike MUVI 125 4G at the ongoing expo in Greater Noida. They have now joined the bandwagon by establishing this big milestone.

The e-bike MUVI 125 4G is now known as the first vehicle to carry this Acer insignia and this was made keeping the Indian consumers in mind. The three important feature of this bike is that it is eco-friendly, elegant and lastly efficient. Acer collaborated with Indian electric mobility to introduce this vehicle. The design of the bike is created by eBikeGo. The eBikeGo has already participated in making huge contribution in creating strides in making mobility eco-friendly in Indian market.

What will be the future of this new beginning of Acer in MVs?

We have a long term but confidential partnership with Acer and eBikeGo. We will see them producing a range of EVs under the Acer brand. They will be launching eBikes, eScooters and eTrikes as well. According to both the companies the whole idea and aim of this partnership is to create a eco-friendly mobility available to the public which will create a safe environment.

The e-bike MUVI 125 4G is a Indian made product which will be able to provide a very smooth ride offering speed up to 75 km per hour to 80 km per hour. The vehicle has been equipped with an European technology. It seem promising when we are talking about a seamless ride.

This whole new collaboration will bring a lot of vehicles which will have the same eco-friendly nature. We will in the future see series of three wheeler as well along with the two wheeler.  The e-bike MUVI 125 4G is yet to be released in the market for the users. However, we can expect it to be released soon.

We will have to wait a little to get our hands on it. The whole idea of getting this bike seems to be quite efficient and elegant at the same time. It seems to be quite good when we compare with nature harming vehicles.

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