Vivo Y200 5G Going To Be Released Soon In India. Know More Now!!

Vivo Y200 5G Going To Be Released Soon In India. Know More Now!!

Vivo is planning to launch its new successor of the Vivo Y100. The new model, the Vivo Y200 5G is what the rumors are going on about recently. The smartphone is expected to be launched soon and was also spotted a few days back on Google Play Console. This article talks about all the leaks and specific details which we know till now about the Vivo Y200 5G. The new model is supposedly going to feature a Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 SoC.

Vivo Y200 5G Going To Be Released Soon In India. Know More Now!!

What do we know about Vivo Y200 5G price?

The Vivo Y200 5G’s price is being guessed and rumored about in the market in a very confident manner which makes us want to believe it. The smartphone is expected to be tagged under 24,000 Indian rupees. The prices are not fixed and we are even not sure about the variants which it will be released with but the price seems to be quite authentic.

What other features do we know about?

Some features which are being leaked or rumored is about its screen, which will be an AMOLED display of 6.38 inch. The refresh rate of the smartphone is said to be around 90Hz. It is said that the new Vivo Y200 5G is going to run on Android 13 Funtouch OS 13 and is going to feature a Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 SoC. The smartphone is also probably going to feature 8GB of RAM. The battery power of the model is going to be 4,800mAh and with the feature of 44W fast charging.

What about camera?

The Vivo Y200 5G is rumored to feature a triple-rear camera unit. The specific details about the camera which are going to form the unit are yet to be released. However, it is thought that the primary sensor of the unit is going to be a 64 megapixel sensor. The unit consists of two more cameras which are yet to be revealed. The smartphone can also come with a punch-hole camera on the front for selfies.

When can we buy the Vivo Y200 5G?

The company has not yet confirmed any specific dates for the launch. However, we have speculation that the date is not far. The company already released their Vivo Y100 in the month of July, which was not that long ago. The Vivo Y200 5G is going to be the successor to the model. The time spam of the models is not that big and which makes us believe that the launch of this is going to be very soon as well.

The idea of its launch being soon is not a rumor. The company has confirmed that the smartphone is going to be released soon. The launch dates and other specific details, however, are not released. The model seems quite interesting and the price tag, which is expected to be below 24,000 Indian rupees, seems quite reasonable for the model.

If you are waiting for some reasonable phone to buy at a very good price, then this might be one of the good models which you can look up to and if you want something now, then Vivo Y100 also seems a good choice to make. The Vivo seems to be releasing quite a good number of models and seems to have created a good market in India.

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