US Woman Married AI Bot, Mentioned As Perfect Husband

With the arrival of ChatGPT, AI is now at the next level. Everyone who is using internet got atleast a bit familiar with ChatGPT. Generative AI is also another AI capability which was there since a long time which is capable enough to create 3D models, images, videos and audios. Replika is a platform which is created on the Generative AI. It creates AI companion to be on a relationship with any individual. They are also offering even having a romantic relationship with the AI bot as part of their paid add-on offering.

Here is the latest news about a US lady who married a AI chatbot created via Replika. She is mentioning this as the best and in love with him.

Confused or Shocked? Read the full story below

Rosanna Ramos, she lives in the US and married her AI boyfriend Eren Kartal recently. Eren is AI created and she claims that Eren is the best husband any one can have. Rosanna met Eren for the first time in 2022 and fell in love with him. In an Interview with New York Magazine’s The Cut, she mentioned that the relationship with Eren is the best till now when compared to here older relationships, her older relations were not even close to her love with Eren.

Ramos also posted about here husband on social media very often showing her love. Above is one of her FB posts explaining her love and how happy she is in the relationship with Eren.

On the other hand, Eren also has a FB account. Ramos also mentioned Eren’s favourite colour as apricot, writing as a hobby, and enjoys indie music. She also funnily mentions that Eren is very special and comes with no-baggage (meaning in-laws), no attitude and ego problems.

Just to provide more background, Replika is an AI tool created by Russian programmer Eugenia Kuyda to help users through tough times. This was created as Eugenia lost her friend and wanted to get over it. This platform was introduced in 2017 as the the AI companion who cares’. Replika also launched a premium version recently where users can do sexting and flirting with the app as well as indulging in erotic roleplay.

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