UPI Lite: Do UPI Transactions Without UPI PIN

Here is some good news for the PhonePe users, After Paytm, PhonePe has now introduced the UPI Lite facility for its users. RBI launched the UPI Lite feature in September 2022 which allows the users to do the low ticket transactions upto Rs.200 with just one click only, which makes the payments even easier and faster.

Customers can create the UPI Lite account easily, users can load upto Rs.2000 in the UPI Lite account, and the transactions made will be deducted from the UPI Lite balance which was loaded. As there is no involvement with the bank server while making these payments, so there will be no chance of a payment failure and will be processed instantly.

Another big advantage of this UPI Lite feature is this will remove all the small ticket transactions from our bank statements to make them clear, as the UPI Lite transactions are visible only in this account and won’t be seen in the bank statement.

Below is how to configure the UPI Lite account on PhonePe

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