[TROLL] Man Ordered Starbucks Coffee For Just Rs.190 Worth Rs.400 While in Starbucks

As we know that online food ordering platforms Swiggy, Zomato offer nice discounts for its users. There were instances were users are able to get the item cheaper than the in-store price after applying all the offers. Here is a latest news which we received where a Man already sitting in a Starbucks Coffee Shop instead of walking to the order counter, placed an order for coffee on Zomato and got it at just Rs.190 where as the original in-store price is Rs.400. Users can also get more additional discounts if they have Zomato gold or Swiggy subscriptions including free delivery.

As seen above a post by Sandeep Mall mentioned that he ordered a Starbucks coffee for just Rs.190 while the same coffee is priced at Rs.400 on the menu card. Once the order is prepared, Zomato delivery partner delivered the order to his desk without any hassle.

A few users online asked what was the reaction of the delivery partner? he mentioned that the delivery partner has seen similar cases in the past as the users place an order online even though they are already at the coffee shop or restaurant. The delivery partner could be happy for the short and quick delivery, which might also increase his daily delivery count for incentive. Few other users also mentioned that they also follow the same approach as they get good discounts while ordering online. This is seen pretty popular in the restaurants in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Another user mentioned that there is a small egg-themed restaurant in Lower parel where the owner of the restaurant himself ask the customers to place an order on swiggy/zomato as they get good offers there.

This could be a smart way to save the money while enjoying the premium place and coffee at a discounted price. Why don’t you give a try? When ever you visit some fancy coffee shop or a restaurant, just open a food delivery application and check the prices 😂😁😉

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