Qualcomm Forecasts Sales Below Estimates as Smartphone Slump

As the global smartphone market continues to decline, Qualcomm, the world’s largest supplier of smartphone chips, has forecast sales that are below estimates for the current quarter.

The cell phone market is in decline


The worldwide cell phone market has been in decline for the beyond couple of years, as shoppers have become progressively hesitant to update their gadgets. This trend is being fueled by several things, such as the rising cost of smartphones, the rise in popularity of tablets and phablets, and services like Apple Music and Spotify, which let users listen to music without having to buy a new device.

Qualcomm’s deals are being impacted

Qualcomm’s deals are being impacted by the decrease in the cell phone market. The organization’s income in the primary quarter of 2023 was down 21% year-over-year, and it is anticipating income of $10.5 billion to $11 billion in the ongoing quarter, underneath experts’ assumptions for $11.4 billion.

The decrease in smartphone manufacturers’ demand for Qualcomm’s chips is affecting the company’s sales. As shoppers are overhauling their cell phones once in a while, cell phone producers are requesting fewer chips from Qualcomm.

The smartphone market’s future is uncertain

A few examiners accept that the market will reach as far down as possible in the following couple of quarters, while others accept that the decay will proceed. It is likewise conceivable that the market will settle at a lower level.

It is challenging to say without a doubt what’s on the horizon for the cell phone market. Notwithstanding, obviously the market is confronting a few difficulties. If the decrease in popular proceeds, it could fundamentally affect the cell phone industry.

How this affects shoppers

The decrease in the cell phone market implies that shoppers are probably going to see lower costs for cell phones from now on. It likewise implies that shoppers might have more options, as certain producers might leave the market.

As the cell phone market turns out to be more aggressive, shoppers are probably going to see lower costs for cell phones. This is because manufacturers will need to cut costs to compete with one another.

Customers may have more options as a result of the smartphone market’s decline. This is because a few producers might leave the market, which will set out open doors for new makers to enter the market.

How this affects organizations

The decrease in the cell phone market implies that organizations that depend on cell phones for their items or administrations might have to adjust. For instance, organizations that sell cell phone frills might have to track down better approaches to arrive at clients.


The decrease in the cell phone market is quite difficult for Qualcomm and other cell phone chipmakers. However, there are still growth opportunities and a large market. It will be fascinating to perceive how the market develops before long.


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