Snapdragon G Series

Qualcomm Declares Snapdragon G Series Processors for Gaming

Qualcomm has declared its most memorable Snapdragon G series processors, another line of chips designed explicitly for cutting-edge handheld gaming devices. The Snapdragon G series incorporates three levels of processors: the G1, G2, and G3. The G1 is designed for passage-level handheld gaming devices, while the G2 is designed for mid-range devices and the G3 is designed for high-end devices.

Snapdragon G Series
Snapdragon G Series

Snapdragon G1 Processor

The Snapdragon G1 processor is the section-level chip in the Snapdragon G series. It includes an octa-center Kryo computer chip bunch and an Adreno A11 GPU. The G1 is designed to convey smooth and responsive gameplay on fanless handheld gaming devices. It likewise upholds 1080p gaming at 60fps.

Snapdragon G2 Processor

The Snapdragon G2 processor is the mid-range chip in the Snapdragon G series. It includes an octa-center Kryo central processor bunch and an Adreno A12 GPU. The G2 is designed to convey high-quality gaming encounters on handheld gaming devices with and without fans. It additionally upholds 1440p gaming at 60fps.

Snapdragon G3 Processor

The Snapdragon G3 processor is the high-end chip in the Snapdragon G series. It includes an octa-center Kryo computer chip bunch and an Adreno A32 GPU. The G3 is designed to convey a definitive gaming experience on handheld gaming devices. It upholds 4K gaming at 120fps and upholds beam tracing, a technology that makes practical shadows and appearance in games.

Different Highlights of the Snapdragon G Series Processors

Notwithstanding their strong computer chips and GPUs, the Snapdragon G series processors likewise include various highlights that are designed to improve the gaming experience. These highlights include:

  • Qualcomm FastConnect 6700 Versatile Availability Framework: This framework gives high-speed Wi-Fi 6E and 5G networks, which is fundamental for streaming games from the cloud.
  • Qualcomm Game QuickTouch: This technology decreases contact dormancy, which causes it to feel more receptive to mess around.
  • Qualcomm Game Variety In addition: This technology improves the varieties and differences of games, making them look more practical.
  • Qualcomm Game Execution Manager: This technology advances the exhibition of the processor and GPU for gaming, ensuring that games run as expected and without lag.


The Snapdragon G series processors are a significant step in the right direction for handheld gaming. They offer the power and highlights that gamers need to partake in the best-in-class games. The Snapdragon G series is supposed to control another generation of handheld gaming devices, including cell phones, tablets, and committed gaming consoles.

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