Oneplus Open Will Be Released Soon In India. Know More Now!

Oneplus Open Will Be Released Soon In India. Know More Now!

So there was some news regarding the launch of a foldable phone by OnePlus. The leaks or other rumors have been going on in the market for a very long time. The OnePlus Open was, according to the previous rumors, going to be launched during the month of October, which is most probably not the case or it could be as well, which is quite unsure. However, we have some solid news which the article will discuss about and by gathering all the rumors we will try to provide some specifications about the smartphone.

Oneplus Open Will Be Released Soon In India. Know More Now!

What is OnePlus planning?

The company has now confirmed that there will be a launch of such foldable OnePlus Open which also is going to be ‘soon’. The teaser is being released and we have the first look at the phone. The post made by the company on a social media platform shows us the first look at the OnePlus Open. The picture shows a black smartphone in half folded manner. The company also put a caption which indicated that the launch will take place in the Indian market soon.

What does the teaser about OnePlus Open reveals?

The post which was made on the social media platform shows us the not so clear picture of the phone which is now going to help us interpret some of the specific features of the phone. The color option which was seen in the post is black. It also shows two features, which are the volume button and power button on the right while the alert slider is on the left. The phone is half folded and on the whole is gives a very mysterious and intriguing look to fall for at first glance.

What about price and other features of OnePlus Open?

The price of the OnePlus Open which were going on in different leaks, rumors or predictions is around 1,20,000 in the Indian market. The phone is rumored to have a 7.82 inch OLED inner screen. The resolution of the inner screen could be 2,440 x 2,268 pixels. The outer display could be of 6.31 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1,116 and 2,484 pixels. The refresh rate of the phone is probably going to be around 120Hz. The battery of the phone will probably be 4,805mAh. The charging option might come with a 100W wired fast charging.

The power house of OnePlus Open is probably going to be the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. It will probably going to feature a variant of 16 of RAM and the storage is going to be 1TB. There might be a few more variants as well. The camera feature of the model is quite interesting as it is rumored to have a centrally located back camera situation at the central upper side of the back panel.

What about rumors about camera of the smartphone?

The camera is probably going to feature a 48 megapixel primary sensor. Along with this, it is also going to feature a 48 megapixel secondary sensor. The phone may also come with a 64 megapixel telephoto sensor lens and a zoom of 3x, which will give it a high standards. The front camera or the selfie camera probably will be either a 20 megapixel sensor or a 32 megapixel sensor.

If you have been waiting for the launch of OnePlus Open, it is not that far and you need to wait no longer than a month or so to get proper official information. As the launch is confirmed it is going to take place quite soon. The company will be releasing the launch dates soon as well. This phone shows huge potential. If you are interested in foldable phones and want to experience a little change this might just be the right one. To get the OnePlus Open you just need to wait for a little bit longer with patients.

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