Oneplus Is To Launch Its New Oneplus Open. Know More In Details Now!

Oneplus Is To Launch Its New Oneplus Open. Know More In Details Now!

OnePlus has finally officially announced its date of launching its first foldable smartphone. The OnePlus Open is going to be launched in the Indian market soon was what has been going around for a long time. However, now the wait is going to be over and the company as well, has officially announced the date of their launch. The article will discuss in details about the product as well as its launch and dates.

Oneplus Is To Launch Its New Oneplus Open. Know More In Details Now!

The teaser on the OnePlus Open claimed to show that the main aim of the model was to bring smoothness in performance. The teaser also showed a black variant of the model which also showed some buttons. The company claims that the screen will not have creases on the screen which is often seen as a big problem in foldable phones. The company also claims the model to be better in the field of lightweight and slim design. The company also has a better camera performance which is yet to be confirmed.

All the claims by the company seem to be confident enough but are not yet been confirmed. However, we will soon get to know about all its detailed features after the launch. There are some leaks about the price of the model as well. It is said that the price of the OnePlus Open will fall to around $1,699, which is around 1,41,490 in Indian rupees. The price might be similar to the US market or it might be a little less in the Indian market. The company is going to be a rival to Samsung after the release of its first foldable model.

Some of the specifications which are being roaming around in the market about the OnePlus Open are that it will have a 7.8 inch inner screen when opened. The outer screen when in folded form will have a screen of 6.3 inch. The refresh rate will supposedly be 120Hz. The model is probably going to be powered by Sanpdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. The smartphone will probably feature 18GB of RAM and 512Gb of internal storage along with alert sliders which were quite visible in the teaser.

Now coming to the main attraction of the article. The news about, when exactly will this smartphone going to be released? The event is going to take place on the 19th of October. A week from now and the company is going to release the model. The selling facilities of the model is not yet clear. However, the company will bring the model and its features in the light of the Indian users on 19th of October.

The whole aim of the company is to give hard competition of the other models  is what the company even officially says. The company wants to take the limits of the foldable phones to another level. The limits of the foldable phones is going to be pushed by the OnePlus Open is what is being claimed by the company. To get your hands on the smartphone you just need to wait a little more. The selling process of the model is not yet revealed and is also not up for pre-ordering on any e-commerce platform.

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