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Meta Deliveries Audio Craft to Make Music from Text

Meta, the parent organization of Facebook, has delivered another computer-based intelligence instrument called Audio Craft that can make music from messages. The device utilizes a method called generative simulated intelligence to produce new melodic pieces in light of a client’s feedback.

How Audio Craft functions

Audio Craft
Audio Craft

Audio Craft works by first changing over text into a grouping of notes. This succession of notes is then taken care of into a generative computer-based intelligence model, which utilizes the notes to make another melodic piece. The model can be prepared for a wide range of music classes, so it can make music that is by the client’s inclinations.

For instance, to make a melody in the style of Mozart, you would essentially enter the message “Mozart-style tune” into the Audio Craft device. The tool would then use its model to create a brand-new Mozartian song.

What Audio Craft can do

Audio Craft can make a wide range of melodic pieces, including tunes, instrumental pieces, and, surprisingly, whole collections. The apparatus can likewise be utilized to make music for various purposes, like ambient sound for recordings or sound introductions.

You could use Audio Craft to create a background track that reflects the various musical styles that are featured in a video about the history of music, for instance.

The most effective method to utilize Audio Craft

Audio Craft is presently in beta testing, yet it is accessible for nothing to anybody who needs to attempt it. To utilize the instrument, clients just have to make a Meta record and afterward go to the Audio Craft site. When on the site, clients can enter their text and afterward click on the “Create” button. The instrument will then, at that point, make another melodic piece given the client’s feedback.

The tool is very user-friendly. Just enter your text, click on the “Produce” button, and trust that the apparatus will make your new melodic piece.

Meta has stated that it intends to continue developing Audio Craft and adding new features to the tool in the future. Later on, Audio Craft could be utilized to make music for a wide range of purposes, for example, motion pictures, Television programs, and computer games.

The conceivable outcomes are huge. Audio Craft can alter how music is made. The way the tool will be used in the future excites me.

What you can do

If you are keen on attempting Audio Craft, you can pursue the beta program on the Meta site. The apparatus is at present just accessible in English, however, Meta plans to add support for different dialects later on.


Audio Craft is a brand-new and potent instrument for composing music from text. The device is still in beta testing, however, it can change how music is made. Assuming you are keen on music, I urge you to attempt Audio Craft and see what you can make.

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