Jio Will Provide AI To Every Citizen Of India Soon? Is This Another Promise Made By Mukesh  Ambani?

Jio Will Provide AI To Every Citizen Of India Soon? Is This Another Promise Made By Mukesh  Ambani?

We can soon expect to get artificial intelligence power provided by Reliance’s Jio according, to Mukesh Ambani’s ambitious words. The chairman, Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries Limited, has given us some ambitious words which suggest that he plans to introduce AI to each and every part of India. He thinks that India needs to lead in AI innovation and improvement in the world to keep up with the competitive world.  He plans to use this very power of AI to keep India in the main lead of the developing world.

Jio Will Provide AI To Every Citizen Of India Soon? Is This Another Promise Made By Mukesh  Ambani?

What is the new update given by Mukesh Ambani?

The Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani, made it very clear in an announcement that Jio is planning to create or develop an AI system which will be available to the Indian users. Just like ChatGPT, Ambani aims to create an Indian-made AI system which will help Indian users. This development in AI power in India will also help us keep the lead in the developing world.

Ambani mentioned that, as Jio 7 long years ago, promised to provide broadband to each and everyone in need of it in every part of the country. He says that as Jio has fulfilled that promise now, he promises that the same shall happen to AI. He says that AI shall be delivered to each and every one across the whole country. Just like the promises made seven years ago, this promise will also be kept by Jio.He wants to use this AI capabilities in the support of Indian citizens, business and government entities.

What is the AIM of Jio’s Artificial Intelligence?

Addressing the potential of an AI powered world, Ambani wants to bring this power to every Indian user. According to him, Jio is currently developing an AI system specifically tailored for India. As the world around us is growing and is constantly changing shape, India must as well change. AI is currently in the process of bringing a revolution and soon a huge parts of our lifestyle will change and to compete with this changing world, according to Ambani, India must harness AI.

How will Reliance provide AI to Indian Citizens?

According to the sources, Reliance is actively investing in AI-ready computing power. They are focused and aim to make 2000 MW of capacity for AI applications. The cloud and edge computing are both included in this investment.

Accepting AI and creating a tailored version of it for Indian citizens will lead to national prosperity, growth and innovation. Jio’s current focus is top AI systems like Generative AI. The Reliance Industries Group has been currently working to create such a tailored AI system for India. India has a large scale skilled force and a huge number of data which fills it with a huge potential to bring glory in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

As ambitious the words may sound but as soon as this becomes true, India will turn into a global hub for AI innovation. Ambani’s want to change the impact of Jio and AI will not only change the role of reliance but will also create a big positive change in the Indian AI market. We just need to wait and see if reliance’s investment in AI will lead to exactly what results.

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