iPhone 15 Overheating And Other Problems Solved. How?

We all know about the recent going on issue of the new model released by Apple, which is Apple iPhone 15. It was seen that there was high heating going on in this series of phones due to some charging or other issues. This article will now discuss the solution which was released by the company to deal with this problem of over heating. The company released an update which I will be discussing about in the article.

iPhone 15 Overheating And Other Problems Solved

What was going on with iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 series was seen to be having a huge issue with the models due to some issues with the charging. It was seen that the users were facing problems while charging the phone. The phone was seen to be getting heated. The temperature of the phone was becoming so high that it was becoming even difficult for the users to hold it while charging.

As we all know, iPhone introduced the Type-C charging port in this new series of iPhone 15, which includes two models, which are iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max and others. This whole series saw the charging of their charging port, which was one of the most attractive features which gave the users to use iPhone without worrying about the charging.

How did Apple manage the crisis?

However, it was seen that the users were facing this new problem of overheating while charging the phone. It was mentioned by the company that users must use Type-C Apple charger which will make this heating stop but there were some problems still going on. These problems will now be solved with the help of this new software update which is available in this new iPhone 15 series.

What is the solution of iPhone 15’s overheating?

The users of iPhone 15 series can access this update by visiting their General option and then to software update section. This will show ou the update option and will automatically make your iPhone go through this software update. The update is 423.2MB and is mainly focused on two models, which are iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This update is mainly to address the issue of overheating of the models of the recently launched iPhone.

What were the supposed reasons of the overheating of the phone?

It was also said that the Instagram App residing on the phone also triggered the heating, which led to this situation. It was one of the reasons and thus, this also seems to be addressed in the update. This new update is also going to update the Instagram app alongside, which will also solve this issue. There were some more apps which participated in this malfunction of overheating. All these issues will be addressed by this new update is probably going to be fixed as well.

It is claimed by the company, Apple, that the overheating of the phone is no malfunction in the electronic device itself and is no treat to the users. However, despite all the reasons which the company tried to solve in the update. The company is also is going to going to provide this update to all the models which was launched recently which also includes the new iPadOS 17.0.3.

So now will it be okay?

The company also blamed a lot of other stuff like wireless charging, over powered chargers, background processes, etc. which, according to them, caused this overheating. The company, according to their release, will try to solve these issues with the update. The company also claimed that the issue of overheating is not related to the electronic device through software’s point of view.

If you were were worried sick about overheating and were unable to do anything about the problem and neither was able to solve it, here is your solution. To get this update you can just check the Software update option which will automatically show the update if you are obviously eligible for the update. The update, according to the company, is going to address all the issues which ultimately contributed to overheating of the phone.

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