How to Use the WhatsApp Chat Edit Feature? Check Here

WhatsApp finally launched a feature to edit messages after sent, however there is a time limitation of 15 minutes to perform this action. Earlier this feature was made available for beta users and now it is being rolled out to the broader audience gradually, it may take a few weeks for this feature to be available for all the users.

This chat edit feature is made available with the version, please make sure that you are updated to the latest version on Google play store. This feature is yet to be available for the Apple users, we should be receiving a communication regarding the same from WhatsApp. Let us see below how to use this edit feature.


How to Use the WhatsApp Chat Edit Feature? Check Here

How to Edit Chats on WhatsApp?

Before checking for the feature, please make sure that your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version If it is already updated, below are the steps to follow to edit any sent message on WhatsApp:

  • Once you have sent any message, please long press on that chat > click on the three dots on the top right side > a short menu will pop up screen where you can see an option to “Edit”
  • Click on “Edit” option
  • Once you click on “Edit”, you will be able to edit the sent message.

As already mentioned, please note that this edit feature will be available only till the 15 minutes after a message is sent. A message can be edit any number of times before the 15 minutes cut off time. If any message is edited, it can be seen on the message as well that particular message is edited so that the other user will also be aware of the same, editor won’t be able to see the edit history or what the actual message was.

I am sure this is going to be very helpful feature for most of the audience globally, as we do make some mistakes like typos, sending message and realising later after sent or anything sent in hurry. However we had a delete chat option, but this edit feature is definitely going to be super helpful and convenient.

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